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Weaning baby has trapped wind and is only pooing weekly

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Stringervest · 11/09/2020 19:15

DS is almost 7 months and breastfed. We started weaning him four weeks ago. We have gradually built up until he's having three meals a day of just two small ice cubes of puree. Fruit and veg only at the moment.

DS only pooed once every ten days or so when he was EBF but we know that's normal for EBF babies. Even now on 3 meals a day he's only pooing weekly. The poos are huge (fill 3 nappies and take 20 minutes!) but not hard or dry so I don't think it's constipation. He is in discomfort for the couple of days before he poos. He also has a lot of wind, which is causing night waking.

Has this happened to anyone? DD weaned like a dream so this is new to me. The health visitor says I'm doing everything right - not too much starchy veg, no banana, offering puréed prunes and prune juice, water with all meals.

I'd really appreciate some advice as I hate seeing him uncomfortable and I'm exhausted! Is this normal? Will it improve? Can I do anything?

Thank you!

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Stringervest · 12/09/2020 09:55

Hopeful bump

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LabiaMinoraPissusFlapus · 12/09/2020 11:12

That sounds normal to be as he is still mostly breastfed. I have four children, and am a midwife and lactation consultant. The poos are soft so it isn't constipation. Also normal to be a bit cranky and windy for a couple of days beforehand and then really happy after the poo!

Stringervest · 12/09/2020 18:49

Thanks for the advice. I'm glad it sounds normal but the disturbed nights are punishing and have really only started since we began weaning. How long is this supposed to last for?!

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