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Have my COVID result but not my daughter's. 2 days have passed.

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decisionsinsandouts · 11/09/2020 17:30

I collected my daughter of 10 from school after being called at work. She had a headache and was feeling nauseous. At home, she developed a high temperature and was sleepy and quite unwell. I called the doctor and had an online appointment. He said my child had a virus and prescribed paracetamol, liquids, and rest. He said she should not return to school until a COVID test was done.
We both did the test the following day at a walk-in centre. There is no one else living in our house. My result came back negative and I expected my daughter's result to follow soon after. Two days later I have heard nothing, so called 119, and was told that an enquiry will be escalated and I should soon get a text with her result, or more likely an explanation that an error in the sample has caused the delay. I asked how soon I would get the information and was told within the next few days. In the interim, we are isolating. I am the sole breadwinner but will not be paid from one of my two part-time jobs during this isolation period. If there was an error in the sample we will have to either do another test or we will need to isolate for a further 10 days. I do not expect perfection at this trying time but am totally frustrated by what is happening. Has anyone else got family results at differing days or not at all and what did you do?

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PunkAssMoFo · 11/09/2020 19:17

Could you try and book to get her another test done? You could always cancel if your result comes back in the interim.

decisionsinsandouts · 11/09/2020 20:13

Yes. I have got a home test kit from his school. It will take another 3 days. I just sent it off. H

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