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I am really really pissed off at my area manager...

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lucysmam · 10/09/2020 18:55

My area manager's rung my dad this evening to ask him to contact ring the area manager back. (My dad's listed as NOK).

He claimed not to have my number on any paperwork.

He does - I've double checked the copies I took of the paperwork I filled in, my number is there.

If he couldn't find that; my friend who is currently our kitchen manager has it so could have passed it on.

If he couldn't get it from her; he has my email address so could have emailed to ask for it to speak to me.

I feel like a naughty bloody child at almost 40 years old being told by my Dad to ring work ffs!! It's really REALLY pissed me off!

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Whataroyalannoyance · 10/09/2020 19:45

What did he want?
To be honest, I don't think any excuse is OK for doing that!!

lucysmam · 10/09/2020 20:15

I haven't rung him back yet. My dad text me to tell me just before I posted, I was sorting the girls by that point & stomped my way through cleaning the kitchen, sorting pack ups and up for a shower (which I've just come down from).

I've never heard of any employer contacting your emergency contact to get you to ring them. It seems rather inappropriate to me but I was struggling to work out how to approach it & would have annoyed myself even more if I'd rung then I think.

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7yo7yo · 10/09/2020 20:18

Well see what he wants first.
Then bollock him for misusing your personal information.

lucysmam · 10/09/2020 20:21

The bollocking will run over him like water off a ducks back. But yes, I will.

OP posts:
HidingFromDD · 10/09/2020 20:27

Actually, you presumably gave that number to be used in the event of a medical emergency. Assuming this is not (given that you’re not actually there) this is a Gdpr breach

lucysmam · 10/09/2020 20:42

Yes, to be used in case of medical emergency. Not to randomly ring to pass messages to me.

I'm still bloody irritated to fuck about it now tbh. & can you imagine what my dad might have thought getting a phone call from my work not long before 7pm at night ffs!?

I don't particularly like the company to work for anyway & their communication is shocking but this is a whole new level of WTAF.

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winterchills · 10/09/2020 20:44

Yeh I definitely wouldn't be happy about that

lucysmam · 10/09/2020 21:04

@HidingFromDD I've found a template letter/email on the ico website that I'll send in the morning and see what sort of response I get.

I need another job; this one's not worth the hassle at all Angry

OP posts:
Reddog1 · 10/09/2020 22:17

What did he want? How weird.

HidingFromDD · 11/09/2020 09:14

I'd raise a complaint internally with your DPO as well. Make it clear that he accessed and used the NoK information against your consent (you will have given consent for Nok to be contacted in medical emergencies)

lucysmam · 11/09/2020 11:31

Thanks, I've sent the email, and emailed him, this morning.

He wanted to tell me he's posting me two letters today - one regular post, one recorded delivery. Both to invite me to a meeting next Wednesday morning.

Because of course, he couldn't have emailed to say that Hmm

OP posts:
Titslikepicassos · 11/09/2020 11:50

I’d be annoyed too

Sounds like a heavy meeting!

lucysmam · 11/09/2020 17:32

Well...rumour has it at work that it's to cut my hours.

I'm dead chuffed every fucker but me knows this Hmm Hmm

Pass the Wine

(I've been offered additional hours at my other job so seriously consiering calling it quits now)

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