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Cheap easy vegan meals

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EveryPlanetHasAYorkshire · 10/09/2020 16:46

Am in a bit of a rut with meals and need some ideas.

OP posts:
Crylittlesister · 10/09/2020 16:55

Things I eat a lot:
I'm having a buddha bowl for dinner this evening. It will consist of: rice, soy and chilli green beans and broccoli, crispy tofu and some fresh spinach (raw).
Katsu curry sauce is v easy to make in large quantities, so I freeze lots and when I want to use it I bung in whatever is around, eg veg or a tin of chickpeas.
Falafel with pitta, salad and hummus.

EveryPlanetHasAYorkshire · 10/09/2020 16:58

I love katsu curry but I had never thought about making my own. I will have a Google now.

OP posts:
dameofdilemma · 11/09/2020 10:13

I'm usually cooking for an 8 yr old who would cry at a bowl of chilli kale so taking that into account ...

Stir fry veg and noodles
Veggie chilli and couscous
Veggie/ pulses curry (eg lentil and sweet potato)
Various soups (eg minestrone)
Roast veg and falafel
Veggie fajitas

Not v exciting but quick, healthy and the carb element can be increased for dp.

Lessstressedhemum · 11/09/2020 10:56

Bean chilli and rice
Chick pea and cauliflower curry
Chick pea, onion and garlic pasta
Pasta with roast cherry tomatoes, basil and garlic
Lentil and tomato soup with bread. It thickens overnight and you can use it as a pasta sauce the next day
Sausage casserole
Basic scrambled tofu with toast
Leek and mushroom risotto
Bean tacos

LeaveMyDamnJam · 11/09/2020 11:09

This is brilliant.

Just leave out the butter!


badlydrawnbear · 11/09/2020 13:46

Chilli from my student cookbook (onion, garlic, chilli, tinned tomatoes, kidney beans, dried herbs)
Spaghetti marinara also from student cookbook (onion, garlic, tinned tomatoes, olives, capers, herbs, pasta)
Vegetable curries (some use a million ingredients but some use very few and are cheap as we already have curry paste or lots of jars of spices)

JudasHisCarrot · 11/09/2020 17:34
JudasHisCarrot · 11/09/2020 17:35

And I make this one on a weekly basis

Norkage · 11/09/2020 17:37

Last one! Just omit the butter. This is a gorgeous recipe. I double/triple the recipe and freeze the sauce in portions

Norkage · 11/09/2020 17:38

Name change fail 🤦🏽‍♀️

AdaColeman · 11/09/2020 17:44

Pasta primavera.
Pasta with a tomato sauce & fried aubergine slices.
Pasta with ratatouille, (use tinned or frozen ratatouille for speed).
Pasta puttanesca, (tomatoes, onions, garlic, olives, capers/chopped gherkins).

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