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Where does ‘lost’ uniform go?

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HamishDent · 09/09/2020 20:40

DS has lost yet another item of PE kit. Apparently they all take off their kit in the changing rooms and pick up each other’s stuff. Everything is labelled, down to individual socks.

Where on earth does it go? I empty out kit bags each evening and check the names on everything. On the odd occasion there is something in there which doesn’t belong to my child I message the parent to let them know and the item is returned to its owner the following day. So, the question is, how do people not know they have something that doesn’t belong to them? Why do they hang onto things for weeks or worse still, never return it?

I once had something returned to me after the summer break. I felt like saying, it’s a bit late now since I’ve already had to replace it! Obviously I smiled and thanked them, but I don’t understand why you would wait so long to give something back. This item had been missing for over a term.

OP posts:
SunbathingDragon · 09/09/2020 20:42

I don’t know but bizarrely it’s always the expensive clothes that have a logo on that disappear.

HamishDent · 09/09/2020 20:45

Yes, it’s funny that isn’t it SunbathingDragon! Do they really pick off name labels? It’s basically stealing!

OP posts:
sqirrelfriends · 09/09/2020 20:47

I think some people just keep the item. In primary, my coat wasn't on my hook at the end of the day. The next day, a girl from my class has an identical coat.

I checked the label after break time and it had been ripped out and replaced. Couldn't prove it was actually mine, but my initials were written on the inside washing label.

sqirrelfriends · 09/09/2020 20:49

I'm really not looking forward to sending DS to school, uniforms are so expensive that the last thing you need is someone else acquiring items.

Rumtopf · 09/09/2020 20:52

Yes they do. Some people have no morals at all and would think nothing of stealing, sometimes it's a genuine mistake or it gets lost somewhere under a bed etc.

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