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Power cut and food

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Notfeelinggreattoday · 09/09/2020 14:05

We had a brief power cut whilst i was out jus ds 17 here
Do you think my fridge food will be safe , i have fresh meat and fish and some processed meats, milk yogurt drinks etc in there
It was off for a total of 30 mins
I came home couple hrs after and everything feels cold but i have no idea of temp it is set ar 3 degrees on panel but again even when i clean fridge with door open this doesnt normally change so not sure if it is a current display temp or just one to show what it is set at
I know freezer stuff will be fine , just fridge things ??

OP posts:
halcyondays · 09/09/2020 14:07

They’ll be fine after only 30 minutes.

tortillachipsanddips · 09/09/2020 14:08

For 30 mins if the fridge door was shut should be absolutely fine. It can take us 30 mins to get from a supermarket so food would be out of the fridge

Aroundtheworldin80moves · 09/09/2020 14:10

Absolutely fine. Our power was out for 6hrs a few months back- fridge and freezer were fine. (We were rather cold though since it was midwinter)

pinkbalconyrailing · 09/09/2020 14:12

30 min is no issue. especially if the fridge was closed for most of that time.
an ordinary fridge can keep food safe cool (under 10 degrees) for a day or longer if not opened very often.

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