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Sundown adventure land

5 replies

winetime89 · 08/09/2020 20:25

looking to do the Christmas event at sundown adventure land, has anyone done it before and is it any good? Also oldest will be 7 do you think he he too old for this theme park?

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katmunchkin · 08/09/2020 21:41

Haven't been for years but 7 sounds about right for Sundown!

Tiltedclone · 08/09/2020 21:53

We went last year with my then 2 year old and 7 year old sister and they both really enjoyed it. It was fab. I think I enjoyed the Christmas ride to see Santa more than the kids did haha it was magical 😂

winetime89 · 08/09/2020 22:21

Fabulous. going to get it booked. Thank you

OP posts:
Tumbleweed101 · 08/09/2020 22:26

Haven't been for a long while or done the Christmas stuff but we really enjoyed our visit and I'd say 7 was a great age for this park.

TheYellowOfTheEgg · 08/09/2020 22:44

I've been a few times and it's aimed at children under 10 so a 7 year old would enjoy it. I haven't been there at Christmas or under Covid restrictions.
My kids are too old for it now, but hate rollercoasters and I like tame rides so it's great for me.

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