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Severe cradle cap - dentinox and coconut oil not working

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Rebelwithallthecause · 08/09/2020 17:14

An anyone recommend a sure fire remedy for cradle cap

The dentinox and coconut oil is t working and it’s just getting worse and thicker

OP posts:
MumUndone · 08/09/2020 19:12

Sudocrem overnight and then use a baby brush to get the flakes off.

Oly4 · 08/09/2020 19:15

I just left it until it cleared up itself. Why is it embarrassing?

yolio · 08/09/2020 19:23


No problems, I am grateful that you threw out a suggestion. Am desperate now, and cannot get a docs appt for love nor money at the minute. Thanks anyway.

Zippy1510 · 08/09/2020 19:26

We found we had to comb it off. We softened it with coconut oil but then used a soft bristle baby brush to gently chip it away. Nothing else even slightly worked.

SunbathingDragon · 08/09/2020 19:31


I just left it until it cleared up itself. Why is it embarrassing?

It doesn’t always clear up though and children can be very unkind and bully another child with it.
TheOrigBrave · 08/09/2020 19:42

I've answered this before on one of these threads....will have to find the pic again.
DS2's was so bad he had steroid cream as it was getting infected behind his ears and round his nose.

In the end medical grade olive oil and a nit comb helped until it cleared up. He then had the most beautiful skin.

MustStopSnacking28 · 08/09/2020 19:45

Kokoso baby is very good in my experience

Thneedville · 08/09/2020 19:47

A hat.

Perro · 08/09/2020 19:47

Olive oil to soften it then scrape and lift it it off with a fine toothed comb. Very satisfying!

Trousersareoverrated · 08/09/2020 19:52

DDs was horrible. I tried softening it with moisturiser and scraping gently with a comb but it didn’t work.

In desperation I followed a friend’s recommendation and ordered some moo goo scalp cream online. Put it on her head morning and night and it cleared up within a couple of weeks and didn’t come back.

I’m not usually a believer in miracle cure creams but this was amazing.

chickensoup23 · 08/09/2020 19:53

Olive oil!

DimidDavilby · 08/09/2020 19:57

Breast milk to soften and then remove

TheWashingMachine · 08/09/2020 19:57

My DD looked like a klingon as a baby, nothing worked, so I literally have no photos of her. When she was about 18 months it went and she is a very beautiful girl now, DS never had it.

Sheknowsaboutme · 08/09/2020 20:00

Well i picked my kids cradle cap off.

It worked, and baby shampoo,

autumnkate · 08/09/2020 20:29

My daughters looked pretty bad and smelt worse. I put olive oil on and left it for half an hour. Then I basically backcombed her scalp/ hair with a plastic comb and it all came off. She didn’t mind at all.

It was very satisfying.

IHateCoronavirus · 08/09/2020 20:34

Make a thick paste out of olive oil and baking powder and leave on under a little hat. After as long as you’ve got, give the scalp a gentle massage (the texture of the baking powder works wonders here) then shampoo and rinse, you might need a couple of shampoos) then brush with a soft brush and enjoy!
I miss the days when mine had cradle cap, it was strangely satisfying. Envy

SecretDoor · 08/09/2020 20:53

Capasal therapeutic shampoo is licensed to treat cradle cap. You can buy it over the counter by speaking to a pharmacist.

WhoWants2Know · 08/09/2020 21:03

We use bicarbonate as a scrub while washing hair, and that helps lots.

TheOrigBrave · 08/09/2020 21:53

10 weeks old and covering his whole forehead.

Severe cradle cap - dentinox and coconut oil not working
NeedToKnow101 · 08/09/2020 21:57

Olive oil

TheWashingMachine · 18/09/2020 18:54

That was like my DD, capasal made it raw, I really think it is best to leave it and use emollients until they grow out of it.

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