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What painkillers for ear infection?

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Florencenotflo · 07/09/2020 14:27

I've got the most painful ear infection at the moment, DH has gone to get my prescription (antibiotic ear spray for now) but I need something stronger than ibuprofen for night time. I didn't sleep at all last night because I could lay on either side without it hurting. During the day ibuprofen seems to be working fine.

What painkillers are going to take this pain away enough for me to get a couple of hours decent shut eye? I'm not allergic to anything.

OP posts:
Yawningyawning · 07/09/2020 14:31

Naproxen? But my ear pain was due to tooth abscess

ThatLibraryMiss · 07/09/2020 14:37

The strongest painkiller you can get without a prescription is co-codamol, and you can take it at the same time as ibuprofen.

Does warmth help?

Florencenotflo · 07/09/2020 14:47

Thank you, will see what DH can get. Yes @ThatLibraryMiss I've got a bean bag thing, will gaffa tape that to my head I think!

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SpuriouserAndSpuriouser · 07/09/2020 14:51

Oh you have my sympathies! I had one recently and was surprised at how painful it was. I found combining paracetamol and ibuprofen really helpful. I took the max amount and alternated between the two. Heat also helped, I think I slept with a hot water bottle against the side of my head for a couple of nights until the drops started working.

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