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Temperature has dropped

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Frownette · 07/09/2020 06:12

Does anyone else find this from 6am? It's really chilly now.

I'm off to put on a jacket and do the washing up and have breakfast shortly

OP posts:
triptrapdollydumpling · 07/09/2020 06:20

Yes, feels very cold this morning.

FredaFrogspawn · 07/09/2020 06:20

Very cold. I woke up early shivering. Thick duvet time!

AnyFucker · 07/09/2020 06:25

It's much darker too

LaughingDonkey · 07/09/2020 06:25

Yes, and darker too

UnfinishedSymphon · 07/09/2020 06:28

Well, it is nearly autumn so you can't really be surprised!

Frownette · 07/09/2020 06:40


Well, it is nearly autumn so you can't really be surprised!

Exactly right, it's just that I notice a huge dip around 6am; anyway have done the washing up and boiled kettle, not time to get out the hot water bottle yet.

It'll get warmer soon :)
OP posts:
EasilyDeleted · 07/09/2020 06:41

Not in the mornings yet (our thermostat was reading 19° when I got up so the heating hasn't switched on but we are in the SE. Dark so early in the evenings now, that's the part I don't like.

EduCated · 07/09/2020 07:07

Yes, the last few nights sleeping with the window open and the summer duvet still on, I’m fine all night but then wake up chilly about 5-6am.

EduCated · 07/09/2020 07:08

I have to say though, I’m quite enjoying getting up and tucking myself into my dressing gown!

H1978 · 07/09/2020 07:10

Yes definite drop in temperature. Just sitting with heater on in caravan in Wales, due home today. It was sunny yesterday but dull and cloudy today.

TheClitterati · 07/09/2020 17:06

I switched from summer duvet to mid weight duvet a couple of weeks ago. More than a month earlier than usual.

NeonPink · 07/09/2020 17:09

It has been absolutely freezing the last few nights! I usually always sleep with my bedroom window on the catch but I've had to shut my windows. I love this time of year though, I hate the humidity.

TheClitterati · 07/09/2020 17:13

I hate it cause the giant 🕷 spiders want to come in .....

EasilyDeleted · 08/09/2020 06:09

I've woken up too hot this morning, it's swung the other way here. 15° outside, my milk was lukewarm on the doorstep just now.

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