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Have you changed jobs because of Covid? What are you doing now?

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DriveThroughSwabber · 06/09/2020 18:30

(NC'ed, cancel the cheque, penis beaker, daily mail and the sun are a bunch of bastards)

Up til March I worked in live entertainment, and when everything shut down in March, there was no work at all in my sector, and there is still next to nothing. (Although the Government keeps talking about indoor performances, almost all performance venues would have to hike the ticket prices sky high or run at a massive loss if they have socially distanced audiences, so as yet, it isn't financially viable).

So for the last few weeks, and for the foreseeable future, I've been working at a drive-through covid swabbing station at a private hospital, swabbing the NHS and private patients before they come in for operations.

I have friends from the entertainment sector who are distributing PPE in hospitals, stacking shelves in Tesco, driving Ocado delivery vans and working for Royal Mail.

I'm curious to hear about any other MNers who have had to change jobs - for me it was find a job, any job - what are you doing, and how is it going?

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