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Just for a second...

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BashfulClam · 06/09/2020 17:17

I was outside hanging up washing, the sun was shining, I could hear my neighbours kids playing and really high up above I could see a tiny little silver plane in the sky. Just for a second life felt normal and safe and it was quite poignant in a way ..,,

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AdoraBell · 06/09/2020 17:22

Just had a nice pub lunch with stepson and his fiancée.

BashfulClam · 06/09/2020 17:24

@adorabell the thing is eating out reminds us how life has changed.

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LadyCatStark · 06/09/2020 17:29

I had this feeling last weekend when our in my paddleboard on Lake Windermere. Then someone mentioned Covid and I was like ‘oh yeaaaah’ 🙈

MJMG2015 · 06/09/2020 17:32

Yes, the occasional moment when life seems as it was before ...It's lovely.

Maybe on this thread we can just appreciate them & not dissect it all 🌷

iklboo · 06/09/2020 17:33

I look at this photo I took in Norfolk the other year to remind myself the world is still beautiful.

Just for a second...
BashfulClam · 06/09/2020 17:36

It’s all still there but it’s nice to get a wee second of normality. I took it for granted as well.

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