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Japanese soaking bath

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funtimefrank · 05/09/2020 21:28

Does anyone have one?

We need a bathroom refit. Fairly small bathroom and it's the only one in the house. Currently we have a separate shower and the smallest bath you can get really. DH hardly uses it (he's 6 ft 4 and barely fits) and dds not that keen either although if they are anything like me they may value it when period pains come to call so this could be a compromise.

How do people find them and do we need to consider reinforcing the floor if it bears extra weight.

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Aintgointogoa · 05/09/2020 23:45

I can’t give any practical advice but would love one myself. Baths are a rare item where I live now, most people shower in cold water (I go for tepid). My son is also very tall and was all a bit Bill Murray / Lost in Translation with the showers when he lived in Japan. I love a bit of a soak, had many delicious ones when visiting onsens. The built-in ones are very space efficient of course and most Japanese homes will have one. The bath would fill automatically, to the right temp and level, then sing a little song to let you know it was ready. Weight bearing probably a factor to consider ! Now dreaming of bubble bath....

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