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Holiday lodge in november

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TheoriginalLEM · 05/09/2020 20:44

Looking for a week/four day holiday in first week of november. Will need to accept dogs, be in a decent location, either waterside or woodland. Hot tub outside and patio heater would be very nice. Myself, DP and DD.

Any recommendations or places to avoid.

Looking probably southern counties

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Pluckedpencil · 05/09/2020 20:57
It's Pembrokeshire but worth an extra hour in the car.
Lots of thoughtful touches, perfect for winter.

Pluckedpencil · 05/09/2020 20:59

I'll try the link again:

Pluckedpencil · 05/09/2020 21:02

Maybe it is getting better by MN or something, but anyway, just google pantier holiday retreat.

merryhouse · 05/09/2020 21:08

how much use will you get from an outside tub and patio in November? (regardless of how warm they are)

ScrapThatThen · 05/09/2020 21:10

O was going to say Croyde burrows was good (years since I have been) but sounds like you want something posher. SIL goes somewhere like that in ?new forest or maybe Bournemouth.

TheoriginalLEM · 05/09/2020 21:33

We usually camp but havent this year due to covid. We were spoilt last year as someone bought us a lodge holiday and it was lovely. April so chilly evenings but yes, not entirely sure about a hot tub in November!

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