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Bloody ghosting men - can someone give me a pat on the shoulder?

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lilyboleyn · 05/09/2020 20:13

I know I’m unreasonable to be this upset, but it’s really got to me.

Got in touch with someone I went to school with, via Facebook about a month ago. We messaged lots and lots and both expressed interest in each other and lots of flirting etc. Was nice and made my tummy go all wobbly and was nice and cheerful etc etc.

Anyway, the last week or so he’s just leaving my messages unread (but has been on FB messenger lots) or taking 36 hours to reply. Clearly he’s lost interest (or didn’t have it in the first place).

We live quite far apart and I don’t have a phone number (but I’m obvs not going to try messaging anymore. I know I’m unreasonable but I’m really bloody sad about it. And I know objectively it’s nothing etc etc but for a couple of weeks I was excited and happy and had a real swing in my step.

Anyway, as you were. Please be kind.

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AnneLovesGilbert · 05/09/2020 20:16

Have a pat Flowers

And CakeBrewWine

lilyboleyn · 05/09/2020 20:21

Thank you. Flowers

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ChickensMightFly · 05/09/2020 21:20

It's so spineless isn't it! All this leaving people in limbo until the penny drops nonsense. It's so pathetic and rude. Have a pat op. 🍷

Crunchymum · 05/09/2020 21:53

Maybe my ghosting story will make you feel a bit better. It was before ghosting even existed Grin

Short version was my boyfriend (who had moved to London to be with me) decided several months down the line to leave his flat and job and mobile phone and piss off back home. He did call me at work to tell me he'd bagged up my stuff and was binning his mobile.

  • this was before smartphones / FB etc so short of flying to another country and turning up on his parents doorstep - which I considered - I was truly shafted.

    Lesson learned and I have never, ever ghosted anyone!!

    At least you haven't invested too much in this man!!
Toilenstripes · 05/09/2020 21:58

Sorry OP. I wonder if he had a partner on the down low and got caught. Tomorrow is a new day, and with the change in season it might be time to treat yourself to some retail therapy. 💐

mrscruise · 05/09/2020 22:05

Could he be married or with someone?
It's normal to feel sad though OP, be kind to yourself Brew

PuckyMup · 05/09/2020 23:49

I just got ghosted after 4 months. I called him out on it and he tried to blame me/lied through his teeth.. he can eat a dick and choke for all I care

lilyboleyn · 06/09/2020 04:00

Grin thanks for the solidarity, guys.

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