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What’s Your Favourite Meal?

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BrandyandBabycham · 05/09/2020 18:19

You’d have to go a long way to beat bangers, creamy mash & baked beans or replace the beans with lush onion or red wine gravy & some sort of green veg. Heaven! I also love a Full English, roast dinner & most things made by DH

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Nottobesoldseparately · 05/09/2020 19:46

Oh god, your first meal would be my stuff of nightmares 😂

SquigglePigs · 05/09/2020 19:51

I definitely agree with your onion gravy variant of sausage and mash. A good roast is pretty fab. My other English one would be a good slow cooked beef stew, cooked in a bottle of beer for several hours with sweet shallots in, served with mash and veg.

For non English it would have to be a good curry - we have a fantastic Nepalese place near us and I never fail to be bowled over by their food.

purplecorkheart · 05/09/2020 19:53

Chicken and broccoli bake or scallops are mine

TwizzledTurkey · 05/09/2020 19:55

It would have to be either a chicken madras, pilau rice and naan bread from the Indian takeaway
Chicken fajitas with all the extras (sour cream, salsa, guacamole etc)

Nix2020 · 05/09/2020 19:58

A really cheesy lasagna with twice cooked chips.

Yum yum get in my tum

PlateTectonics · 05/09/2020 20:00

Slow cooked lamb shanks with mashed potato.

Nomnomarrgh · 05/09/2020 20:03

Homemade egg and chips. Been thinking about making this for hours.

AgeLikeWine · 05/09/2020 20:09

Roast lamb. I love leg roasted with garlic and rosemary and served medium-rare with duck fat roasties and I also adore shoulder slow-roasted in wine and herbs for hours until It falls off the bone, served with mashed roots.

Grumpbum123 · 05/09/2020 20:10

Roast beef with all the trimmings

Liddell · 05/09/2020 20:11

Cheese and mushroom omelette with saute potatoes, sweetcorn and peas.

BrandyandBabycham · 06/09/2020 00:09

Mmmm absolutely yes to leg of lamb with garlic & rosemary. I briefly dated a much older man & by God he could cook! The lamb he served was the best I’ve ever eaten.

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