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Please help me find this blanket

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Helpmefindplease · 05/09/2020 15:59

Bad things have happened to my son's favourite blanket, long shot but has anyone got one of these lurking in their airing cupboard??

Please help me find this blanket
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Helpmefindplease · 05/09/2020 18:57


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picklemewalnuts · 05/09/2020 19:21

Oh dear. Was it a particular brand, mothercare or similar? It's easier to search if you know it.

ReallySpicyCurry · 05/09/2020 19:31

Is that Mothercare from about 5 years ago? I've definitely seen them on ebay but they've a special name don't they? Like the Mothercare elephant is Humphrey etc

Helpmefindplease · 05/09/2020 21:24

Thanks, the care label has washed out, I'm a bit worried it came from my sister in which case it may be pre 2000

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CurtainsforRonnie · 05/09/2020 22:53

Maybe a MN would collect the ebay one for you, then send it on to ypu!

picklemewalnuts · 05/09/2020 22:55

It's called Patchwork Farm, and it was sold by Babies r us, I think. Probably about 20 years ago. Knew it looked familiar.

Helpmefindplease · 06/09/2020 04:38

[quote picklemewalnuts]Victory is mine.[/quote]
Thank you. Thank you for taking the time to help a stranger you have no idea how grateful I am.

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ElizabethMainwaring · 06/09/2020 04:43

Well done! What a kind soul you are! Flowers

Elouera · 06/09/2020 04:55

I see already have an ebay link, but I was going to suggest 'Little blue cup'. They are redoing their website currently, but its a site to help parents find specific items for their children. Started by a parent of an autistic son who would only drink from a specific blue cup. I hope you get another rug.

Oblomov20 · 06/09/2020 05:46

Well done Pickle. MN at its best!

Bluesheep8 · 06/09/2020 06:53

I love mumsnet sometimes

AmelieTaylor · 06/09/2020 07:10

I just had a look, to see if I could collect it for you, but that's 200 miles from me, but if you pist again asking if anyone is in St Ives, Cambs. Someone will help!

Oblomov20 · 06/09/2020 07:44

Send a message by eBay to ask if she'll post, or accept a courier.
If she doesn't, one nice MN'er will hopefully pick it up and post it to you.

Dmtush · 06/09/2020 07:47

I’m in Cambridge. I can collect and post onwards if required

Oblomov20 · 06/09/2020 07:58

Bless you Cambridge poster!

Bid today OP. £25 may seem a lot, but it's nothing for a child comforter, in the grand scheme of things. If you don't get this, your'll regret it.

HappyAsASandboy · 06/09/2020 09:46

I am just outside St Ives, Cambs and can collect and post onwards if you need me to?

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