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Pret Subscription

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HarrisonFived · 04/09/2020 16:29

I was actually surprised to hear the details of this offer, I think it's actually brilliant and I hope many other establishments follow suit.

In case anybody isn't yet aware; Pret A Manger are going to be starting a subscription system (via direct debit) for £20 per month which entitles you to five coffees (or practically any other drink, with a few exceptions) per day, with a minimum of half an hour between ordering each one.

And the first month is free 😦

Is this where I find out that Pret are actually wholly responsible for global warming or something similar which would mean I should never subscribe to this? Because it seems so great, DH is quite excited about it, as am I!

OP posts:
MarshaBradyo · 04/09/2020 19:17

5 coffees! That’s so cheap

LizzieMacQueen · 04/09/2020 19:37

I heard this on the radio at lunchtime but I clearly misunderstood; I thought it was a delivery service for people wfh. Seriously couldn't work out how that'd be profitable for them.

AtLeastThreeDrinks · 04/09/2020 19:48

Really clever move, there's an enormous mark-up on coffee anyway but customers still feel like they're getting a good deal, and I wouldn't be able to resist a sandwich/breakfast bun on my way through! We don't have one close by and god I really miss their veggie breakfast bap.

Rinkytinkpanther · 05/09/2020 12:14

I miss Pret. It's the only thing I miss about moving out of London Smile

funtimefrank · 05/09/2020 12:31

This does look good. We have a pret literally under the office and have been told out in office drinks facilities will be cut right back.

If I go back one/two days a week I'd happily pay £20 per month for this especially as I prefer Pret drinks to many alternatives and it includes plant milks (coconut decaf latte and peppermint tea being my poisons of choice)

Orangecake123 · 05/09/2020 12:31

I think it's a great idea.I have spent a lot of time studying in coffee shops .The most I was spending would have been around £17 a month though.

sqirrelfriends · 05/09/2020 13:05

I would do it if I worked close to one.

At one point I was spending £3.75 a day on my morning coffee. 3.75 x 20 = 75 a month on just one a day, I was often tempted to pop in during the day but managed to contain myself because of the expense.

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