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Can anyone recommend an on-line counsellor for rape victim?

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TheWonderfulWizardofOz · 04/09/2020 13:19

I have NC'd for this and am posting here for traffic.

My lovely student daughter was raped a couple of years ago, to the extent where she dropped out, but has courageously started again at a different university. However, she is still struggling and really needs some therapy for her PTSD. She has had counselling before, which was good so far as it went, but she really needs to have some support and learn some coping skills, so we are looking for a therapist with expertise in this area.

I would be incredible grateful for a recommendation. I feel so helpless and just want to do all I can to help her.

Thank you.

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biteysaurus · 04/09/2020 13:35

There will be a local IAPT service where she can access trauma-focussed CBT, it's NHS but local services have different names. It's not always easy work, as it involves discussing or writing about the trauma event, but it can be an important part of the healing process.
Some NHS services also offer EMDR, and both are effective for PTSD.
It sounds like she's been incredibly brave, and I hope you are looking after yourself too, as well as supporting her. Keep going, it will get easier.

TheWonderfulWizardofOz · 04/09/2020 14:20

bitey, that's really helpful, but I am just concerned that anything NHS related is going to take a really long time to access and she desperately needs help now.

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