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Do these services (from social) still exist?

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leonardandpenny · 04/09/2020 13:08

When I was a child circa 1994 or so, my parents had enormous difficulties with mental health and what I know think was domestic abuse . Social work were quite heavily involved over a very long time - ie I was taken into emergency foster care a few times and knew the social work team very well .

I remember we had e.g. carers come in to the house, various support workers, befriending type stuff but one of the things that sticks most is that we went to a sort of specialist nursery .

For at least some time we went to a nursery that was ran by social services . Think it was just a room that they used at the back of DHSS building . I remember it being a bit ‘hidden’ - ie you wouldn’t know it existed if not referred, you had to be accompanied by a social services employee and signed in . They gave out second hand clothing for free - literally just black bags of clothing that they took in sometimes . I can’t remember age limits on attendance - in the same building they also took children from the primaries and secondary school that had been excluded/expelled so probably quite a mix of stuff going on .

I’m trying to think if there would be an equivalent today, what it would be - something like Surestart maybe? I can’t remember what purpose it fulfilled or why anyone was sent there but suspect it maybe had an element of observing parenting/parenting classes or something . I suppose perhaps families are ‘monitored’ more closely so maybe there isn’t the same requirement .

I’ve never found the courage to ask for my social records as worried what I might find, but just find myself wondering sometimes - the building that the nursery was in is up for demolition soon and brought back a few memories .

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dangermouseisace · 04/09/2020 17:10

My son got a funded place at nursery (Surestart centre) when I had PND. They had people who paid as well was a highly desirable nursery in our area! I think they just had a certain number of retained places for people going through difficulties. We weren’t assessed on income, it was purely down to my mental illness.

minnieok · 04/09/2020 17:18

Certainly they have specialist drop in sessions etc because we hosted one at work. They used buildings that weren't health centres or council to try to reach those who were suspicious of authorities. They had a wide range of backgrounds, a lot of younger parents, some refugees. They stopped running it 2 years ago, budget cuts

lightningstrikes · 04/09/2020 17:19

It depends on your area. In my area we still have children's centres, though sadly the nursery provision has gone. There are parenting groups and specialist intervention for early years such as SEN, parental mental health, DV, addictions ect. They work closely with the health visiting service as well as social services. They do still fund nursery places for children who have particular need.

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