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Sexist - employment related?

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fairydustandpixies · 03/09/2020 19:06

Would being told that you were suitable for a job but weren't being offered it because you were female be sexist? Not to drip feed but the job is in the criminal justice system working with male sex offenders. They have said they won't offer me the role on the basis of safety because I'm female. A fat 49yr old one at that!

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CayrolBaaaskin · 03/09/2020 19:08

Depends if being male is a genuine occupational qualification- ie needed to do the job. usually a pretty high bar.

fairydustandpixies · 03/09/2020 19:23

No, it's a position I already do but this would be a promotion working in a Class B/adult male sex offenders prison. At the moment I work with all sorts in probation.

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fairydustandpixies · 03/09/2020 19:25

The prison is a huge employer locally and I have several female friends who work there albeit not in a 1-2-1 setting which this role would be.

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Violetroselily · 03/09/2020 19:32

This download from the EHRC seems to suggest it is acceptable (the woman's refuge example) <a class="break-all" href="" rel="nofollow noindex" target="blank">

@flowery will be able to give a genuine expert answer

fairydustandpixies · 03/09/2020 19:45

Hmmm, interesting. I can see the need for a female worker at a woman's refuge under those guidelines. Absolutely.

But this job I've applied for and have been told I am qualified for, that they said today they'd give me the job if I was male, where I already work with male sex offenders on licence and in the community, is leaving me scratching my head! The only difference is that it would be moving from a probation office to working in a male prison.

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fairydustandpixies · 03/09/2020 20:04

@flowery? Please do you have any advice? I'm in England.

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