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Meal prep

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FunorFitness · 03/09/2020 11:36

Does any one have any tips on meal prep?

It has never appealed to me, I just imagine soggy veg and rubbery meat and the thought of having food sat round in the fridge for days is a bit yuk.

So many people do it though so it can't be as bad as I imagine?

I am back in the office from next week and think I will give it a go to keep me out of the canteen at lunch times.

So what am I missing, how do you make it work?

I will have access to a microwave so can warm stuff up.

OP posts:
PrincessZog · 03/09/2020 13:28

Could you make an extra portion of dinner each evening and take that in the next day to eat?

Salmon and chicken can be eaten cold, potatoes can be turned into potato salad etc

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