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Baby sleepsuits - zip up or poppers?

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Rebelwithallthecause · 03/09/2020 11:33

I need to buy sleepsuits for baby.

Are zips worth the extra cost?

Poppers seem like a faff but is a zip much better?

OP posts:
BanditsBum · 03/09/2020 11:37

I always went for poppers as I had a fear of catching their skin in a zipper when trying to change them for the 175 billionth time that day (reflux babies) in a sleep deprived state.

Lockdownseperation · 03/09/2020 11:39

Zippers pull up so you have to undo the whole sleep suit to change their nappy rather than to bottom few poppers. I didn’t like the zipper ones we had.

Twaddledee · 03/09/2020 11:58

Bundlers were my favourite under a sleeping back when they are heavy enough for that stage. I found the M&S zip sleepsuits great. The John Lewis ones I head had a stiffer zip and this seemed to poke up into baby’s neck and not lie flat. There’s nothing cuter than a plain white popper sleepsuit on a new born in my opinion. As the legs get longer the number of poppers get more and you do tend to get sick of them! But then baby needs changing less frequently and it’s not a big deal. As soon as baby is crawling (9 months) the footless versions are good as they are less likely to get all tangled up when they are on the move. Hope you enjoy picking out some cute things, it’s so lovely and exciting 😊

Twaddledee · 03/09/2020 11:58

(Bundler = like a long night dress)

Caspianberg · 03/09/2020 12:36

Poppers. We just bought a couple with zips and they are a pain at changing nappy as like above you need to open whole thing, so if they are wearing a cardigan, or jumper on top it’s hard to reach. Plus awkward if try to change overnight and they have sleeping bag on top part

polkadotpixie · 03/09/2020 12:38

I loved the zip ones. I always without fail did the poppers up wrong and had to start again

DappledThings · 03/09/2020 12:44

Zips. I am usually in the minority on baby dressing threads but I always hated the poppers on sleepsuits and had mine in long sleeved vest and dungaree outfits as soon as I could. I always found sleepsuits faffy and annoying but the couple of zipped ones I had were infinitely less irritating than the poppered ones.

FindaPenny · 03/09/2020 12:52

I do like zips, but if u get them, make sure there is a little bit of material at the top to house the zipper, otherwise they can pop up and poke the baby in the chin.

rooarsome · 03/09/2020 13:07

Poppers every time. We had a few zip ones with DD and DS but I hated having to take the whole suit off for nappy changes rather than just the bottom half.

XXX5 · 03/09/2020 13:56

Hated zips but more than that I hated over the head sleep suits. So bloody annoying trying to wrestle a newborn into one.

Rainbowchampagne · 03/09/2020 15:03

Asda currently have some cheap zip ones, I saw some in Sainsbury’s the other day too if you wanted to try them!

Asiama · 03/09/2020 21:01

I prefer poppers. Less likely to catch skin and easier to undo if only for a nappy change. I also had the zip fall off once and luckily caught it before my baby put it in his mouth.

BringMeThatHorizon · 03/09/2020 21:04

Poppers 100%. The zip ones always seemed uncomfortable, less stretch and if they were slightly too big the zip sort of bowed and seemed to dig into DS tummy.

Subordinateclause · 03/09/2020 22:17

Does the OP mean a zip up the middle though? I've seen ones on Instagram that are a zip around the legs, so you just undo the zip and pull the baby's legs/bum out exactly as you would do with poppers. The ones linked were very very expensive though!

bellajay · 03/09/2020 22:21

Loved the zip ones!

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