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Anybody on a zero-hours contract who gets universal credit?

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SuppIyTeacher · 03/09/2020 10:15

Hello there
Sorry for my ignorance but I am struggling with the UC form and I also wanted to know the drawbacks and problems any of you, who are agency workers, have had.
I am employed (PAYE) by a supply teaching agency but obviously, because it is the start of term, no work is yet available and with Covid-19 meaning no trips/external inset/bubbles and possibly more TAs being given cover, it is a very unpredictable time.
On the form it talks about being employed/am I working etc and there seems to be no space for explaining individual circumstances. Many of the questions are yes/no but not applicable to me.
So for example
I am employed as in on the agency books, but am not currently working. My last assignment was 21st March. I am expecting payment soon - but it is my final furlough payment being paid in arrears for August so is 'this' month, not next month, for last month.
Furlough stopped 31st August because in theory - in a gig economy - we are back at work even though there is now work yet.
On top of that, form is asking about childcare: my childcare costs will be paid as and when I work (my agency expect me to block book my childminder to be available for day to day calls but I might not end up working that day).
To confuse further, there will be some assignments I get offered unrealistically - they know which postcodes I can get to on time but a consultant may ask me to commute further even though I would then be late for school - if I reiterate/remind I cannot do this journey unless school happy for me to arrive at x time, does this constitute turning down work? Similarly if there is a school I have had negative experiences with and I am not willing to attend, does this count as turning down work? (the only benefit of supply is the control you have wrt which assignments you take although few of us turn them down unless it has been riot control).
If there is a second wave or need for quarantine or kids are sick/sent home - under those circumstances I am primary care giver/childminder cannot step in/no family support - will being unavailable for work at these times then count against me?

Any advice/tips/experiences would be much appreciated
Thank you

OP posts:
SuppIyTeacher · 03/09/2020 10:16

no work yet

OP posts:
Jobseeker19 · 02/07/2021 19:36

Hiw did it work out in the end

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