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DD suffering with anxiety about visits with her Dad

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Beetlebum1 · 03/09/2020 06:55

Morning, just looking for some advice from anyone who has been in this situation.
I have 8yo twin girls and am divorced form their Dad. We live a mile from him and he has the girls Thursday evenings and every other weekend, Saturday lunchtime to Sunday night.
One daughter is suffering real anxiety about seeing him. She is physically sick and miserable leading up to the visits and then has a melt down when I drop her off/he picks her up. She won't/can't say why she does this but that she hates him, his house and his GF says mean things about me and our home. I have tried talking to him about it but he gets defensive and angry and says she is putting it on - it's crocodile tears. I know it's more than crocodile tears, she's physically sick and I'm the one who sees with the 24hour lead up/melt downs ahead of the visits.

If anyone has any experience of a similar situation I would love some advice. Daughter 2 has no issues and goes off happily with him but won't go on her own to stay with him.

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toomuchpeppapig · 03/09/2020 07:28

If it's not court ordered then I wouldn't force her to go tbh. I'd spend some one on one time with her talking about things and try to work out exactly what the issue is.

Beetlebum1 · 03/09/2020 08:55

There’s no court order, we’ve both just broken down at the school gates as Dad is supposed to pick them up today after school but won’t tell me if the girls are in after school club or being picked up at 3.15 & it makes DD anxiety worse not knowing the plan. The headmaster scooped us up & is going to talk to DD today.

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