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Anyone else struggling to book a driving test?

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Thebreadsouth · 01/09/2020 17:31

I was number 103,986 this morning. Left the page open all day and got down to 75,503 then it kicked me out and said maximum number of tests had been booked today, try again on 7th September Sad

At this rate it will be 2022 before I can sit my test.

OP posts:
Has2sons · 01/09/2020 17:36

My son managed to book his this morning. Logged on at 8am to find 19,000 already ahead of him in the queue. He had booked by 10.30am. I suggest you log into the website well before 8am on 7th and be ready to be like one of the 19,000 early birds that were before him! Good luck! (He got 14th Oct btw so not so long awayGrin)

Mooserp · 01/09/2020 17:38

Yes. My DS. Was 37000 in the queue at 8.00. Got down to 19000 by 10.30 but no availability left at the relevant centre.

Try again next week...

Colycola · 01/09/2020 17:44

Number 254,000th in the queue and down to 80,000 when it cut off.

iklboo · 01/09/2020 17:52

Everyone unfortunately. DH is a driving instructor and all our test sites are currently booked up to the end of October. One pupil was number 163,480-something this morning. As fast as they're releasing dates they're being snapped up.

But DH is getting calls from people who've booked tests but he's never taught (two said they haven't even had lessons!). They've just done it on the off chance they can find someone to take them out and let them have the car for the duration. Sorry, no way.

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