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Does anyone else struggle with this on social media?

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Smallsteps88 · 01/09/2020 16:48

I’m not a very techy person so maybe my brain just hasn’t learnt to process the new jazzy stuff.

I have some friends on FB who use hashtags, which I have just about learned to scroll past read, but also some friends have blogs and they will @ people and hashtag and I really struggle to process those posts.

An example would be something like “so excited to get this new #[brand product name] from @[brand cosmetics] with @laurasmyth. Check out my blog @blogname with @[their own name] to see my review” and then followed by a dozen different hashtags.

My brain really struggles to read those posts unless I really stop and take my time to process each word. It’s like my brain sees it and says “too much going on here” so glazes over.

Is that just me or does the format feel fuzzy to anyone else?

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