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Retreats (yoga, grief, menopause, wellbeing, etc)

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midnightmoon8 · 01/09/2020 15:12

Have been thinking for a while of having a few days (up to a week) away by myself on a 'retreat' where there are yoga/pilates sessions, healthy (vegetarian?) food, workshops, walks, etc. Am interested in retreats either in the UK or abroad and would love to hear about your experiences/views and recommendations.

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Bearnecessity · 01/09/2020 17:01

I did a Vipassana 10 day meditation retreat in Herefordshire years ago they are free by donation. It is meditation,walking in a smallish area and eating only. Not what you are describing...but very popular and beneficial for those seeking peace and calm.It is silent as well!!!

EmmaStone · 01/09/2020 17:07

My friends and I go to Champneys at least once a year, but only for a weekend at most. We swim, we try loads of exercise classes, we run, we walk, we load up our plates with their fab food (which is VERy healthy), we smuggle in wine and chocolate for later 😂.

It's absolutely not cheap, although we've had some good deals, and a couple of us get a work discount.

EmmaStone · 01/09/2020 17:09

My yoga teacher also does a couple of retreats a year, usually in Devon, but they also went to Bali once. I've another friend who does unite a few spiritual retreats, they're quite out there for me, but clearly there's definitely a strong market for them.

ICouldHaveCheckedFirst · 01/09/2020 17:13

A course tutor described a Vipassana retreat she goes on regularly. Sounded very intense to me, but she described in great detail what it does for her, and why she goes (or used to go) every year for 1 week at a time. Possibly in Devon.

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