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Selling house for cash?

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FerryCrossTheMersey · 01/09/2020 13:30

Has anybody had their house valued by an estate agent, and then had an offer from one of the companies that pay cash for any home? What was the difference in value? If you do not feel comfortable discussing money, you can give percentages.
If you did sell to one of the companies, was it as easy as they make out?

OP posts:
Sportysporty · 01/09/2020 15:00

They will offer you 20-30 % below current value - it might be quicj but they alo have a reputation like webuyanycar of makibg you an offer then lowering it even more at the last minute.

GolightlyMrsGolightly · 01/09/2020 15:02

Friend did thts. Company had popped notes through all the doors in the neighbourhood. He got 2 estate agent valuations, also knew sale prices of similar house, he got bang in the middle of the valuations and was a really quick easy sale that was happy to wait till he'd found somewhere.

bluebird243 · 01/09/2020 15:03

In the past I have had a couple of offers from firms which do this when I had a property which was sticking. The offers were between 25-33% of the true value [ I knew the value of the property as I was on the market with a local reputable EA, and not at all over priced].

However once you sign with them you are stuck with them for a long period [mine would have been 6 months]. I decided to drop the price [not an awful lot] and keep with the original estate agent and it sold straightaway.

Also be warned you are inundated with marketing e mails and phone calls after your initial contact with them. Just my experience.

Also be aware that the offer they make you can suddenly drop just before contracts are exchanged[!], not leaaving you with much choice at that I have heard.

HappyDinosaur · 01/09/2020 15:06

We used one, we wanted a quick sale so it worked well for us. Yes approx 8-10% less than EA value, but we felt it was worth it for the convenience. With ours the price was contracted so neither party could change the price once agreed. I would only do it if you are in a rush though as obviously you wouldn't choose to get less money in an ideal world. Our house had gone up a bit since we bought it so it didn't feel like we lost out overall.

Devlesko · 01/09/2020 15:12

They offer much under the value I've known 50% in some cases. I wouldn't touch them tbh, and I've bought and sold many houses.

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