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Menstrual cup v's high cervix

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Sassanacs · 13/08/2020 08:26

Hi all,

I wondered if there's anyone that has a high cervix successfully using a menstrual cup?

I've been reading up on these for some time and love the idea of being free from tampons/pads but, I have a high cervix.

I know I'll need the larger size based on manufacturer recommendations but there's no advice around this particular issue.

Can anyone recommend a cup or even tell me where they've tried and failed to use one for this reason?


OP posts:
MrDarcysMa · 13/08/2020 08:30

Yes I have a high cervix and it's often tilted. Just have to put it in a bit higher. It's fine.

But they're not meant to sit at the top tbh you insert them as high as you can then tug them down a little to create a seal anyway.

Sassanacs · 13/08/2020 08:39

Thanks @MrDarcysMa can I ask which one you use and did you find this by trial and error or was it the first one you tried?

OP posts:
MrDarcysMa · 14/08/2020 23:36

Sorry for the late reply. First one was the largest moon cup. Find it a bit stiff and can feel it.
Recently bought an earth cup for £5 from an instagram ad and it's so much better, for me anyway..... Softer, smaller, easier to insert etc

AliceM6 · 30/08/2021 13:28

I know nobody has posted on this thread for ages but just wanted to jump on and say that the Lily Cup has been fantastic for me and my high cervix. I now cannot live with out it!

Starrynight468 · 30/08/2021 13:29

I have a tilted cervix, does anyone know what one i could get please?

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