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What did you use for lighting during night feeds?

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Rebelwithallthecause · 05/07/2020 08:33

Currently just using a crystal light but it’s a bit bright for sleeping and I can’t reach it from bed to turn it on and off again

Is there a battery night light I could easily use instead?

OP posts:
splishsplashsploshsplishsplash · 05/07/2020 08:36

I have the Shnuggle moonlight and it's just right. Have it on parent mode then when baby is older can have as a night light.

Twizbe · 05/07/2020 08:37

I used my phone torch

Bellesavage · 05/07/2020 08:38

I had a plug in orange/warm coloured nightlight plugged into the socket near my bed with a tea towel over. When baby woke I whipped the towel off.

You want to avoid blue light as it'll wake you too much.

As they get older you don't need it. you just open your sleep bra and let them crack on Grin

BendingSpoons · 05/07/2020 08:39

I bought a dimmer switch for a lamp I already had which was great as I could have it on really low. My son was also bought a moon shaped night light toy (battery powered) which would probably have worked well too.

SeagoingSexpot · 05/07/2020 08:39

I had a red plug-in night light from Amazon. Just enough light to get baby positioned and shut your eyes again. After a few weeks of practice feeding on your side you barely even need to open your eyes anyway.

SeagoingSexpot · 05/07/2020 08:41
Crosswithlifeatm · 05/07/2020 08:41

I had an uplighter with a dimmer switch,I had the control taped to the side of the bed.This was fine for feeding/changing and didn't wake my now exh.or keep my DD awake after feeds.

weepingwillow22 · 05/07/2020 08:42

I feed in the pitch black, anything else wakes me I too much so I can't get back to sleep.

Laserbird16 · 05/07/2020 08:43

I have a lumie lamp which is essentially a dimmer lamp with white noise

Maybeanotherday1234 · 05/07/2020 08:43

I have a Groegg which shows me the temperature of the room and goes from yellow to orange to red. Most of the time it's red as it's quite warm in our flat. We also have a lamp with a colour changing bulb which we have set as red and dimmed down.

Rebelwithallthecause · 05/07/2020 09:18

Thanks il look into all of these!!

Going back to the lie down feeding comment - do I still need to burp baby after?

I’ve still not attempted lie down feeding and not really sure where to start with that

OP posts:
Rebelwithallthecause · 05/07/2020 09:19

@Maybeanotherday1234 I have a groegg in the loft from last baby but it used to taunt me with its unhappy face from how hot it was (have nothing last tike during the 34degree heatwave of 2017!) Grin

OP posts:
AlexandraEiffel · 05/07/2020 09:23

I fed both mine laid down and in the dark. I don't think you need to burp a breast fed baby. I'd literally get them latched on, then we'd both drift back to sleep. I bed shared too.

Maybeanotherday1234 · 05/07/2020 09:24

I think there are so many variations of groeggs. Luckily ours doesn't have a face but the light helps during the night. I'd probably recommend a light which can vary in colour and dim if needed. My LO hates it being too bright and red seems to the least offensive. Failing that I think Ikea are doing quite nice wall lights in different shapes and they're not too bright so you could leave them on all night. Hope this helps.

RiftGibbon · 05/07/2020 09:26

I had (and still have) a dimmable bedside light - you touch the base to operate it.

jackdaw141 · 05/07/2020 09:28

I just turn the kitchen light on and walk straight up to the fridge door.

bookish83 · 05/07/2020 09:30

Shnuggle moonlight

Gives you room temp colours and a really nice low light. Plus can be used by the kids when older x

mollokoy · 05/07/2020 09:33

@jackdaw141 Grin

Soubriquet · 05/07/2020 09:35

I used a normal lamp but I put some material over it so it was dimmed enough to not bother anyone but bright enough so I could still see

ShyOwl · 05/07/2020 10:26

We use hue lights, they were a huge help.
If the lowest setting was too bright I would leave the door a jar and put the hallway one on from my phone so it was just enough to not to wake us all up

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