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Diffuser for baby's room

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Pippinsqueak · 25/02/2020 01:04

Just looking for recommendations on diffusers for water/essential oils really.

I brought a Rio one from Argos and both have sparked when connected at the base plus the light is so bright its like a disco in baby's room.

I'm after a small diffuser which can also be used as a night light, obviously needs to be quiet (not fused on changing colour but an added benefit) the difference in the air quality just having it on tonight for a bit was amazing so I'm sold on getting one just not sure which one.

Thanks in advance

OP posts:
nozbottheblue · 25/02/2020 01:27

Scented air? For your baby's room? Why?

Lalala205 · 25/02/2020 01:33

Does the room have mould?

Willow4987 · 25/02/2020 01:34

We’re using a vicks cool mist humidifier for Ds1s bedroom when he’s got a cold. It’s pricey but felt it was worth it to help him over the next few years

It came with some essential oil pads but they aren’t suitable until he’s 3 so for now it’s just got the water in it

Lalala205 · 25/02/2020 01:36

Won't it be expelling unnecessary fragranced microbes into the air? Could you not just open a window?... Although possibly cold 😳

Kinsters · 25/02/2020 01:41

I was told that diffusers aren't good for babies lungs.

Lalala205 · 25/02/2020 01:44

I Googled the vicks dehumidifier as have DGC and felt I was maybe missing something? But it states its not suitable for babies? So at £60 is it not just a load of bollocks? Unless somebody has a massive allergy?... Or you could just open a window? 😳

Pippinsqueak · 25/02/2020 04:17

The air is very dry in our room and she's a terrible sleeper so was recommended to get one by the GP to moisten the air and use lavender oil to try and help sleep.

OP posts:
Pippinsqueak · 25/02/2020 04:23

I may add she is 13 months old and I did get one that is safe to use for babies

OP posts:
Pippinsqueak · 25/02/2020 04:26

And window can't be opened, we live on the coast and bedroom get the wind a lot of we would freeze

OP posts:
Kinsters · 25/02/2020 04:40

Wouldn't it be better to get a proper humidifier if dry air is the problem? I've had a humidifier and a diffuser and the humidifier puts way more moisture into the air. You could look for a pillow spray or something for the lavender scent.

SunHillBill · 25/02/2020 05:04

Soak hot wet towels on a warm radiator and put Vicks Vapour rub on the towels.

LoveIsLovely · 25/02/2020 05:06

A humidifier is a good idea but essential oils are not good for children's lungs (or anyone really).

CocoLoco87 · 25/02/2020 05:34

I bought one from Amazon called SOTO Aroma Diffuser. It was recommended to me for DS asthma and we only use it and put olbas oil drops in it when his night time cough is bad. It's been brilliant and definitely makes a difference. It also has colour changes and a night light mode too which he likes. It turns itself off when the water is used up.

Pippinsqueak · 25/02/2020 06:00

Thank you @CocoLoco87 il look into that one.

It has mad a difference having it on tonight, no coughing, easier breathing and dare I saw less wakings but then again could be a fluke

OP posts:
Lalala205 · 25/02/2020 06:45

A diffuser is for essential oils, so if you're not using it for that it kind of defeats any purpose to it? Essential oils wouldn't be good for baby's lungs so I personally wouldn't bother with that. You need a humidifier if the air is dry though. They're two very different things.

mindutopia · 25/02/2020 07:09

Get a humidifier and some nice natural smelly baby lotion. Babies shouldn’t be exposed to high levels of essential oils. If can trigger asthma and respiratory problems in those who are predisposed, especially if your baby is already coughing. Unfortunately, babies just don’t usually sleep. A little lavender won’t make a difference to that, but could cause worse problems.

If you live by the sea though, just be mindful of mould behind furniture if you are using a humidifier.

Pippinsqueak · 25/02/2020 07:21

You don't have to tell me babies don't sleep she wakes up every 45 mins on a bad night and every two hours on a good night and I have done that for 13 months lol

The diffuser I have also says it humidifies which is why I got it. I ll stop using the oils in that case but I am still keen to look into something to help the air a bit

Thank you

OP posts:
Hercwasonaroll · 25/02/2020 07:24

Get a humidifier if you must. Or a mug of water on the radiator.

A diffuser is not the right thing.

At 13 months she doesn't need to wake that often. Have you looked at sleep training? How's her daytime sleep?

CocoLoco87 · 25/02/2020 07:32

The one I mentioned acts as a mini humidifier. It was recommended to me by a nurse who also struggled with one of her DC's asthma.

The waking up constantly can be absolutely relentless. Hope things improve soon for you!

3luckystars · 25/02/2020 07:37

My sister has a salt plug in thingy that helps with snoring and breathing conditions (

No way would I be using anything with oils or fragrances in a baby's room though. Good luck.

3luckystars · 25/02/2020 07:38

Sorry I will try that again:

Hileni · 25/02/2020 07:49

Love my diffuser/humidifier. Mainly bring it out when DS is poorly as they're brilliant for colds/coughs. I put a drop of baby olbus in there too. If you use oils (I do) get pure essential oils. I love may chang, bergermot and lemon for their properties. Peppermint, sweet orange and lavender are nice too. Depending on how many ml your diffuser takes depends on how many drops. But have a look Into all the properties of some of those oils I mentioned. Some are great for relieving headaches, fever, anti-inflammatory, air purifying. That kind of thing. I really rate them.

Celia6219 · 25/02/2020 08:04

We have this one for our son’s room it’s great. I was recommended it by a friend who runs a nursery and uses it in the baby room for nap time and they all sleep wonderfully! I thought it was worth a try as my boy is not the best sleeper. I think he falls asleep quicker now and he does usually sleep through (still wakes at 5am but that’s another story!!) I only use small amounts of good quality very pure lavender oil, and I switch it off when he’s fallen asleep so it’s not going all night, I just have it on in his room an hour or two before bed.

VicTsing 300ml Essential Oil Diffusers for Aromatherapy, Up to 10H Use Cool Mist Aroma Diffuser, 4 Timer Setting, BPA-Free, Waterless Auto-Off, 7 Color LED Lights, for home, bedroom-Yellow Wood Grain

Lunafortheloveogod · 25/02/2020 08:12

There’s little tank things you can hook over the sides of radiators? Cheap as hell on amazon n obviously no risk leaving a plug on all night or it running dry etc.
Plug in humidifiers only do a certain size of space and obviously it’ll drop every time you open a door etc, but you could have one of those on all the radiators to increase the general humidity a little rather than one room like the tropics which equally isn’t good for you.

Pippinsqueak · 25/02/2020 09:06

Thank you for the links il take a gander

Been very helpful 😊

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