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Actor in Kia Xceed advert

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Nahnahnahnahnah · 19/02/2020 22:02

Can anyone tell me who the actor is in the new Kia advert? The one where they all face palm because he doesn’t know the cars out now.

Sorry for such a boring thread but it’s been bugging me and google not helping

OP posts:
Mollypolly2610 · 19/02/2020 22:15

been bugging me too! its on the tip of my tongue but i cant think who he is!

nancyclancy123 · 19/02/2020 22:20

Ben Cartwright?

nancyclancy123 · 19/02/2020 22:21

He played a paedophile in Corrie.

CourgettiSpaghetti · 19/02/2020 22:21

Was he in Corrie? Playing a corrupt policeman and had a storyline with Bethany and Nathan? Can't think of his name though.

TheFastandTheCurious · 19/02/2020 22:22

It's the rapist cop from Coronation Street, he's also in the McDonald's big Big Mac ad. Don't know his name though

Clutterfreeintraining · 19/02/2020 22:22

He was the policeman involved with Bethany's sex abuse case on Corrie

Clutterfreeintraining · 19/02/2020 22:22

Oops, too slow Grin

Nahnahnahnahnah · 19/02/2020 22:23

I remember him playing a baddy in something but can’t remember the program either.
I have everything crossed somebody recognises him otherwise I may not sleep tonight for racking my brain 😂

OP posts:
Nahnahnahnahnah · 19/02/2020 22:24

Omg I type too slow!! Yes that’s the one thank you so much!! I can sleep tonight 😁

OP posts:
NameChangeNugget · 19/02/2020 22:25

He played Phil in Fearless if you watched that? No idea what his real name is though?

Namechangeforthis123 · 19/02/2020 22:26

I'm so so so pleased to see this. I knew he was a wrong 'un. It's been bugging me for days!

Mollypolly2610 · 19/02/2020 23:24

Oooooh! Thank you!

JemimaTab · 20/02/2020 00:52

That is an incredibly annoying ad though!

Crystal87 · 20/02/2020 01:20

This was bugging me too trying to work out what he was off.

Snoozy2 · 22/02/2020 21:03

His name is Marc Baylis, he used to be in Corrie

skyblu · 17/03/2020 15:44

I know I’m very late to this party, but thank you for answering’s been driving me mad for weeks!

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