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Is anyone buying anything for black Friday?

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Bluewavescrashing · 23/11/2019 19:14

I've bought one thing only, a present for a big birthday for my mum, that is genuinely half price compared to the best price for the last few months. I think a lot of the deals aren't that great though. How about you?

OP posts:
HoldMyLobster · 24/11/2019 18:00

HoldMyLobster Given that you were boasting about spending £1700 on a sofa last week I think it's fairly clear where you're coming from. There isn't going to be any common ground between us here.

How bizarre. Can you point to that post please?

orangeteal · 24/11/2019 18:02

I'm not saying I'm perfect at all. But trying is good, isn't it?

Absolutely, but you haven't a clue what everyone else on this thread does, they could own every modern appliance you can name but never fly, if you're going to out right point your finger and remonstrate someone you had better be whiter than white, otherwise the finger will come straight back at you.

Slumberly · 24/11/2019 18:04

@orangeteal I'm not pointing fingers and the idea that I'm whiter than white is laughable. I'm trying to offer a different perspective to the absolute flood of 'new, bigger, flashier, latest, £££££££' marketer's dream style of posts that dominated the first page or two of the thread.

Slumberly · 24/11/2019 18:07

Sure. Here:

I've also seen you on other threads recommending that people buy "a large SUV" - recently identified as the number one cause of road pollution in the world - and you clearly spend a huge amount of time on long haul flights.

So, as I said - we are clearly coming from very, very, very different perspectives on life and we are not going to find any common ground at all.

I don't believe that there is any chance of common ground between us, so I'm going to get on with my overdue work and leave you to continue your pursuit of expensive luxuries. Ta ta

userxx · 24/11/2019 18:11

Not a Black Friday deal but I've just bought a smart plug, having a fantastic time switching it on and off with my phone, bloody brilliant.

HoldMyLobster · 24/11/2019 18:13

Yes I thought that was the post you were referring to slumberly. Funny how you went from me saying what sofa I'd bought to me 'boasting about spending £1700 on a sofa'.

I did not pay £1700 for that sofa.

I didn't buy it in the UK.

I didn't pay anywhere near full price. We got a trade deal on it in a sale, as part of DH's business involves buying furniture in bulk.

I also don't spent a huge amount of time on long haul flights.

I don't have an SUV of any kind despite living in an area that gets about 10 feet of snow per year, but I did recommend someone buy a 'huge SUV' because she clearly needs something that big to haul what she needs to haul.

Do you always jump to inaccurate conclusions about people?

mummyof2ds · 24/11/2019 18:14

Can anyone please tell me where to get a kindle paper white

HoldMyLobster · 24/11/2019 18:15

And BTW Slumberly, doing advanced searches on people's previous posts to prove some kind of point is a bit deranged.

Veronicat · 24/11/2019 18:16

I just bought a milk frother on the back of another thread. Hours of fun await there 🙂

Nicknacky · 24/11/2019 18:17

Good god slumberly, you are coming across like a real strange one on this thread.

Bringing up posters sofa purchases!?

But then I’m also the type of poster you wouldn’t have common ground with. And I’m ok with that! Ive bought two alexas in Black Friday and save £50 on my daughters lol doll house so that was down to £200.

She did write a Santa letter asking for it and said it was ok if she couldn’t get it. And she put her pocket money in the envelope to help pay for it 😂

Blibbyblobby · 24/11/2019 18:21

Really interesting to see how many people are getting the Echo dot. DH won’t have voice activated assistants in the house (privacy/abuse of data concerns) but if we could I’d get the Google stuff over Amazon, simply because the Amazon ecosystem is so tightly tied to ordering stuff. Those who already have it, do you find you buy more, either physical or streamed stuff?

zenasfuck · 24/11/2019 18:22

Fucking hell slumber I bet you're fun at parties

Slumberly · 24/11/2019 18:24

@zenasfuck I am quite fun at parties; I take hallucinogenic drugs & dance to good music & have interesting conversations about jurisprudence & archaeology. Sorry if that's not as much fun as buying a year's worth of deworming tablets for my non-existent cat.

zenasfuck · 24/11/2019 18:30

Slumber, yeah that sounds amazing 🙄🙄 go you

coconuttelegraph · 24/11/2019 18:37

I take hallucinogenic drugs

So drugs are a necessity but not a toaster, do you have children? That would be an unusual way to bring them up imo

Slumberly · 24/11/2019 18:40

Not a necessity @coconuttelegraph , just an indulgence. I don't take them with my kids, funnily enough. Grin

Retpark101 · 24/11/2019 18:41

Weird after reading first comment and seeing this

Is anyone buying anything for black Friday?
Bluewavescrashing · 24/11/2019 18:42

Ooh, my thread has gone off on quite a tangent! Grin

OP posts:
soupforbrains · 24/11/2019 18:44

I have all the things I am planning to buy for people in my basket on amazon. If any of them happen to be on sale then I will buy them. If not then nope.

Therealjudgejudy · 24/11/2019 18:44 sound hangry! Pity you dont have a toaster as I reckon a toastie could hit the spot..Grin.

I'm after some winter boots...any black friday suggestions?

Bluewavescrashing · 24/11/2019 18:46

I think most of us agree that

A) There are some good deals to be had if you need something and can afford it or want to treat yourself or someone else

B) There is no point in buying stuff for the sake of it though, just because it's BF and looks like a good deal

C) Lots of the BF offers aren't actually that great when you look at previous prices.

Common sense applies here.

OP posts:
BackInTime · 24/11/2019 18:50

Am I the only person on the planet without a Dot Hmm

Bluewavescrashing · 24/11/2019 18:52

I don't have dot or echo or Google home or alexa or anything. Creepy as fuck and I will not have one in my house, ever.

OP posts:
EveryFlightBeginsWithAFall · 24/11/2019 18:55

Well like I said I've bought another dot. That makes 4 dots and an echo in this house . Might even buy some light bulbs and a smart plug (to turn the kettle on for me)

Soubriquet · 24/11/2019 18:59

We don’t have anything like a dot either

I want one, dh refuses to have one in the house

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