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TUI family life kids clubs

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Andsoitisjust99 · 13/10/2019 17:29

We’re going on our first all inclusive with children who are 3 and 5 soon. It has a kids club - what should I expect it to be like? Can’t see anything about timing other than it being 2 hours per day.

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MazDazzle · 13/10/2019 17:36

If your on fb, try searching for the hotel. There might be a closed group to join with all of the info you’ll need.

Andsoitisjust99 · 13/10/2019 17:38

Thanks for the tip.

OP posts:
FromageRay · 13/10/2019 17:48

Oura ran themed days so pirate day included treasure hunts, making pirate hats, dressing up etc. I remember them baking cookies and pizza too, and plenty of painting and craft. The 3-5 year old room had a soft play area and ride-ons. Outside was an undercover playground and a v shallow paddling pool.
Download the TUI family life app, select your hotel and have a look at the message board, there might be some info on there.

FromageRay · 13/10/2019 17:49

Enjoy your holiday!

SconNotScone · 13/10/2019 19:43

Which one are you going to? We went to Alcudia Pins in Majorca. They had Bamse Club, which was for 3-5 year olds. My daughter was almost 6 when we went, and she probably would have enjoyed the 6-11 Club better, to be honest. That may have been because in her group, the kids who were closest to her age, mainly spoke Scandinavian languages, so she didn’t make friends in the way she had hoped. She didn’t end up going many times, but did enjoy some of the other activities that were put on around the pool, and she also went to an evening chocolate themed party, run by the kids club, which she enjoyed.

The set up at this one was you could book on the Tui Family Life app a couple of hours before the session started, or just turn up and risk them being full. There were two slots each day, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon. I was told I could book on to one, then try my luck at turning up to the other one to see if they had spaces. You would have to let them know your approximate location around the hotel for while your kids were in the club, so they could find you if needed.
They also did themed party evenings, like pirate theme, chocolate theme. They also had an event where the kids could go in the restaurant and cook pizza with one of the character mascots.

Fivechatchacha · 13/10/2019 19:48

My DC similar ages as yours used the tui kids clubs. They always moaned about going but enjoyed it when they were there. Lots of activities and face painting. They made a few friends so had pals at the pool also. Only advice is make sure you book prompt the day before as spaces get booked up and you can only book 24hrs in advance.

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