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Prescription question - I've been daft, haven't I?

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SunnyForMe · 19/07/2019 21:51

I live in London, and have got an early train to visit family in Edinburgh tomorrow morning. I've just realised that I totally forgot to collect a prescription. Today has been the standard mad rush of work, packing and last second laundry, and things like important medication have somehow slipped my mind Hmm I do have a pre-paid card for prescriptions, but know that that probably means little in Scotland cause prescriptions are free there.

What do you think? Do I need to make a mad dash to the 24 hour pharmacy that's 45 minutes away or will a Scottish pharmacy honour the prescription? My local pharmacy doesn't open until after my train has left.

I'm such a numpty Blush

Thanks in advance for any advice (even if that advice is about how daft I've been)!

How come it's always late on the night before I travel that things like this happen Hmm Smile

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KnittingSister · 19/07/2019 21:54

Go to a convenient Scottish pharmacy, they'll either accept the prepayment cert or charge you, you might be able to reclaim a payment??

KnittingSister · 19/07/2019 21:54

You've not been daft, we're all allowed to make mistakes Smile

Caramelblonde · 19/07/2019 21:58

Hi,I would phone the 24 hour pharmacy and ask their advice.At least then you can plan to go there if they advise you too.

Zacsmum25 · 19/07/2019 22:10

Hi, pharmacist in Scotland here. If you have your green prescription form then any scottish pharmacy can dispense it for you and it will be free.
If you don’t have the prescription, then an emergency supply of 5 days worth of medication can usually be done, but you will be charged the cost of the medicine regardless of whether you pay for your normal prescription or not. If you get controlled drugs then you will need a prescription so would have to arrange on with a Scottish GP through the out of hours service and then take to a pharmacy. Bear in mind that the pharmacy you visit May or may not have the items you need in stock, so it’s an idea to phone ahead to check they have it.

SunnyForMe · 19/07/2019 22:27

Thanks so much everyone! You've reassured me. I do have my green prescription form so it sounds like I should be okay. It's quite a common medication so I'm sure somewhere will stock it. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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