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Whatsapp advice urgent please!

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susan82 · 19/07/2019 13:21

Currently panicking!!
I'm in a whatsapp group of about 12 mums at sons school. I'm not the group admin. One woman on there posted about 5 pictures of her daughter with her wobbly tooth which to be quite frank, I didn't want to see so I just pressed on the pictures and hit delete. Then panicked. Have I deleted the images for the whole group or just me?? Omg. I'm hoping they are still there for everyone else to see, just not me.
They will all think I'm a right cow!!! I'm not too familiar with WhatsApp and how it works to be honest so please tell me!!!

OP posts:
Igetknockeddownbutgetupagain · 19/07/2019 13:22

You’ve just deleted them for yourself.

...and breathe

Butterfly005 · 19/07/2019 13:22

If everyone has seen it you should only be able to delete it for yourself, without anyone else knowing - it should have said "Remove only for you" (or something similar) when you went to delete?

Reallyevilmuffin · 19/07/2019 13:22

Just yourself I believe. If not just say you have a phobia of the dentist and had to get rid of them for your sanity?

Stiddleficks · 19/07/2019 13:24

I just sent my husband a picture and he deleted it but it’s still showing for me so you’ll be fine, it’s just you that can’t see them

susan82 · 19/07/2019 13:36

Ah thank you. I just pressed the rubbish bin symbol at the top of the whatsapp page. She had only just sent it so probably the others had not had chance to see it. I will just keep quiet about it and not mention it lol. I didn't do it to be malicious just didn't want to see it

OP posts:
LoseLooseLucy · 19/07/2019 13:39

It probably won't get mentioned, but if it does just say your phone stores the photographs from WhatsApp and you don't have a lot of space (my phone stores them and it's annoying).

CCquavers · 19/07/2019 13:42

You can breathe - you do not have such power :)

GingerRogers84 · 19/07/2019 13:45

@LoseLooseLucy you can stop that happening in the chat settings! I was relived when I found that out!

LoseLooseLucy · 19/07/2019 13:50

Aah thank you Ginger, it's so annoying how it does it Wine

susan82 · 19/07/2019 15:49

Thank you :)

OP posts:
NeverGotMyPuppy · 19/07/2019 16:31

You can only delete something for everyone if you have posted it I think!

NeverGotMyPuppy · 19/07/2019 16:32

Also - fuck me that must be a dull group!?!?!

BarbarAnna · 19/07/2019 16:35

If you did delete by mistake, surely you just say - sorry, had to delete, have a thing about teeth, hope I didn’t delete for everyone?

K1ssIt · 19/07/2019 17:12

nevergotmypuppy is correct. You can only delete it for everyone if it's something you posted yourself (very useful if you type a message moaning about your brother to your brother like I did)

You can also go into your settings on WhatsApp then data and storage and then turn off auto download of media so any ohotis or videos etc posted will be blurred out until you tap them to seee them. Saves phone space and also not seeing photos you may not want to (my brother posts screenshots of some utter shit sometimes)

NeverGotMyPuppy · 19/07/2019 18:21

I didnt know that about the pictures- that's a great tip!

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