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What to do in Halifax

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QuestionableMouse · 18/07/2019 20:32

Travelling to Halifax to take my nephews do the Eureka Museum and hopefully we'll have a bit of free time. Is there anywhere toddler friendly and not too expensive to get something to eat? I know there's a big Sainsbury's.

We're arriving at about lunch time on the Sunday, staying in the travelodge and heading to the museum on the Monday morning.

Thank you!

OP posts:
Ginnymweasley · 18/07/2019 20:37

Erm I cant help much but dh is from there. There is a few chain restaurants tgi fridays,nando's etc in the new complex with the vue cinema.

Shazzanat · 18/07/2019 20:38

Piece hall, over the road from Eureka. Shibden Park is nice as is Manor heath Park (altho smaller but has a butterfly house).

evilkitten · 18/07/2019 20:42

Can't help with food recommendations, but the Calderdale Industrial Museum is pretty good if you're not exhausted by Eureka.

theydontknowweknow · 18/07/2019 20:51

I'd suggest going in to the town centre, you'll find the Piece Hall etc quite expensive for food, especially if you're going for something with with a young child. There are some half decent cafes that are cheap and cheerful😊

Mehmehmeh19 · 18/07/2019 20:52

Shibden park is fabulous great play area.
Vue cinema If the weather is poor they do cheap showings in a morning during school holidays!

To eat chain restaurants, I think I'd go for fish and chips 😋

isseywithcats · 18/07/2019 20:52

i live in Halifax sainsburys cafe is not there any more theres a burger king over the road from eureka, a mcdonalds in the town centre, shibden park is five minutes from travel lodge if you have a car, bankfield museume in boothtown ten minutes from travel lodge is free, the industrial museum is good but only open short hours, theres a big blue frog play place near the town centre, just ask the staff at travel lodge they will be able to tell you where everything is, and theres a tourist information in the peice hall

theydontknowweknow · 18/07/2019 20:53

Just to add, there are also a few cafes in Borough Market or there are larger chain ones as PP mentioned; Mcdonalds, Nandos, Frankie and Benny's, TGIs, Beefeater or there's a Burger King on the road from Eureka

bingandflop · 18/07/2019 20:55

Piece hall and shibden park!

QuestionableMouse · 18/07/2019 20:55

Oh I'm definitely going to Shibden hall/Park. It's part of the reason I wanted to go (thanks you BBC! 😂)

Thanks for the ideas. We might stick to Sainsbury's but if I can I like to support local cafes and shops rather than the chain places. 😀

Driving down Sunderland so will be stopping at weatherby for jam doughnuts from Greggs and a visit to Burger King

OP posts:
MinnieAnonyMouse · 18/07/2019 21:28

Pajaree's is incredible Thai food and she's very helpful. Shibden Hall is lovely.

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