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Where to get arsenal match tickets? Also recommend hotel nearby

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Alsonification · 18/07/2019 13:35

I’m in Ireland so have no idea where’s the best place to order arsenal tickets. I’d like to book a match & a hotel nearby as a Christmas present for my ds (17 years old next month). So I’m looking for a cheap & decent hotel as close as possible to the Emirates stadium & tickets for the arsenal v west ham match in March. Can anyone help? Thanks.

OP posts:
DogbertDogglesworth · 18/07/2019 13:39

From their website.
For hotels there is a Travelodge nearby.

DogbertDogglesworth · 18/07/2019 13:41

Sorry, posted before I finished typing.
Try for hotels nearby.

daisy118 · 18/07/2019 13:45

Arsenal F C ticket office can help with tickets BUT before you commit be aware that the time and day of the match could be altered by Sky or BTs tv schedule.Fixture list will show now that the game is 3pm Saturday but that is not definite,and the choosing of matches for television for March 2020 will not be decided until Jan/Feb.Sorry unable to help with hotel

Alsonification · 18/07/2019 13:48

DogbertDogglesworth thanks so much. I’ll check out those hotels.

daisy118 thanks for the info on match times. I would not have known that. Maybe we’ll fly in Friday evening just to be sure.

OP posts:
Oldraver · 18/07/2019 14:05

As others have said book a hotel but make sure you have a cacellation policy...we have to cancel so many through the year.

We book tickets for Newcastle and I assume other teams have the same policy. For lots of matches you will not be able to buy tickets until sometimes just a few weeks before the match. Have a look at their home ticket policy, it may be worth becoming a 'member' to get higher priority to tickets

ComtesseDeSpair · 18/07/2019 14:05

For hotels I’d try the Travelodge or Best Western at Finsbury Park - only a twenty minute walk from the stadium and they’ll be about half the price of hotels on Holloway Road or Highbury.

Vinorosso74 · 18/07/2019 14:20

The Travelodge at Finsbury Park is the closest but to be honest not the nicest location. There is a Premier Inn right beside Archway station-this is just a short bus ride up Holloway Road. It is walkable too-half an hour tops. There's no hotels on Holloway Road.
It would be best to go through the club for tickets but as others say TV fixtures won't be finalised for March yet.

Alsonification · 18/07/2019 14:40

Thanks everyone. Very helpful info there. Gives me loads to go on anyway.

OP posts:
thismeansnothing · 18/07/2019 14:47

For arsenal tickets it's worth becoming a red level member. There are tiers in how the tickets are released and not everything goes on general sale.

You have more luck with early season European / carabano cup games

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