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Tea + evening chill time = time for kids to wake up

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sidesplittinglol · 17/07/2019 23:04

Seriously is it just my kids that do this or can anyone relate?

Another one:

Mummy needs to use the loo = kids desperately needing a poo all of a sudden

Does anyone else have these things happen to them?

OP posts:
Tolleshunt · 17/07/2019 23:08

Mummy site down with a cup of tea for the first time all day = tantrum over toy not co-operating, so mummy has to get up again to fix it. Or a poo.

Mummy in a hurry to get out of the door on time = major go-slow with faff-factor max, and a focus on everything except doing what needs to be done to get out.

Pipandmum · 17/07/2019 23:09

I would literally just be sitting down with a cup of tea when one of the kids would desperately need me to do something. I mean they would even watch me walk in to the room sit down with a sigh and reach for my cup and boom! ‘Mum I need/can you just...’

Tolleshunt · 17/07/2019 23:10

You can spin this to your advantage though. If you are struggling to get their attention away from something, simply announce: ‘I’m just going to sit down for a little rest’, and start moving towards the sofa.

I guarantee you they will be over giving full, albeit pestering, attention.

sidesplittinglol · 17/07/2019 23:17

That is such a good idea! How would I use it to make them sleep?! Lol

OP posts:
TeachesOfPeaches · 17/07/2019 23:21

Whenever I had made dinner and it was literally in my hands being brought in from the kitchen to go on the table my son would do a huge poo in his nappy which even continued when using the potty Envy

Tolleshunt · 17/07/2019 23:29

sidesplitting the million dollar question!

Mine’s quite little, so can still be manipulated into doing stuff by making it into a race or challenge ‘I bet you can’t fall sleep before the Alfie story ends’. I dread the day that that tactic stops working! She definitely abhors nothing more than me resting, though! I need to work out how to widen that one’s application.

Teaches we have the badly-timed poos at dinner time, too, but only, it seems, when i’ve splurged on something expensive. Will need her bum wiped just as the steak is done and about to go cold, or, worse, at the crux of cooking something that has to be done quickly, like just after you’ve dropped the prawns in the stir-fry. Asking her to stay sitting on the loo till I was ready ended badly.....

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