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Birthday Inspiration please!

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Tipsylizard · 17/07/2019 16:27

DH is 50 in a few weeks. I really want to make it special for him but i am out of ideas as he is so difficult to buy for/arrange things for.

I have booked him am experience day later in the year as a present but he knows about this and I am planning a new york cheese cake (his favourite) on the day...

What else? Your ideas as inspiration please!

OP posts:
growlingbear · 17/07/2019 17:16

How about a small surprise party of 10-12 old friends he's not seen in ages?

How about packing a really amazing picnic and driving out to some nearby beauty spot to drink champagne and watch the sun set? We did that a few weeks ago when DTeens were having a party. It was bloody lovely!

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