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Is this a sign of diabetes in toddler?

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username68482 · 16/07/2019 21:06

Not sure if I'm being an over worried mother or if I should take DD to the doctors. For a couple of months I have noticed she has very sweet smelling breath. Not thought much of it until I heard by chance it's a symptom of type 1 diabetes. Being googling she doesn't appear or that she can tell me have any other symptoms. However her grandmother is diabetic.Anyone any experience of this ? Think I will take her doctors as I know I won't stop worrying about it otherwise. Just wondered if I sound mental?

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progestermoan · 17/07/2019 11:18

Yes same for us dd was only asking for an extra drink at bedtime she would down 2 beakers of water but not at any other time and it wasn’t excessive as she usually had one each night anyway... so 2 wasn’t a massive jump and we had been told it was a uti so were happy she was flushing it out

RandomMess · 17/07/2019 11:25

I too saw someone with a child that had been backwards and forwards to the GP and fobbed off he was 10. Finally saw a different GP that had him rushed into hospital after telling the Mum off for ignoring the fact he was clearly unwell Angry

They constantly snacked which is probably what had meant he had actually managed to be ok for so long Shock

username68482 · 17/07/2019 14:23

Thanks again everyone definitely going to send in a urine sample and see what goes from there.
Regarding the urine sample does anyone have any tips on how to collect it? She isn't potty trained yet still in nappies. I've taken her nappy off and have been following her round with a little tub to collect. Managed to miss one already.

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earlydoors42 · 17/07/2019 19:09

Type 1 can run in families as well as just appearing from nowhere (like my daughter).

Agree with others, my 3 year old was not very ill but had symptoms of tiredness, all of her body hurt, she was starving. Then the thirst and weeing came on so I got her urine checked and was immediately diagnosed. Her blood sugars were high but she wasn't really ill luckily. Caught early enough. So I do disagree with your GP there and many do fob people off until their child does become seriously ill. I am glad yours is doing a urine test. Good luck! Hope you can catch the wee!

georgialondon · 17/07/2019 19:15

My daughter has sweet breath. She always has. I know she's not diabetic.

Novina · 17/07/2019 19:21

Ask the GP to do a finger-prick blood glucose test, and watch out for the '4 T's: thirsty, toilet (lots of weeing), tired and thinner. Best to check, even if just to rule it out, as T1 can get v. serious, v. quickly.
Have a look at jdrf uk if you need more info:

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