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If you're a single parent to a toddler, can you afford to work full time?

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MushroomTree · 16/07/2019 20:20

I'm currently working 2 days a week but looking at getting back into my previous field and going full time.

DD is 2 and at nursery 3 days a week. Nursery fees have gone up and full time will cost me just over 1k a month.

Now I'm not even sure I can afford to work full time as I won't be earning enough to cover the fees and all other bills.

I'm on universal credit at the moment which means I get 85% of my childcare fees paid back but that's only up to £600ish per child, so the £400 on top of that would still need to be covered. Not to mention finding the 1k each month to pay in the first place.

Does anyone actually manage to do it or do I need to accept I won't be going back to work properly for a very long time?

OP posts:
twattymctwatterson · 16/07/2019 20:23

I couldn't as a single parent when dd was a toddler. Even now she's at school I'd be 100 pm worse off every month if I went from 4 days to 5.

SmartPlay · 16/07/2019 20:41

Childcare in this country is seriously fucked up.

wendz86 · 16/07/2019 20:42

Could you wait until you get the free30 hours a week. I went back to work as a single mum 4 days a week with a child at school and a baby , they both went to childminder . My childcare costs weren't as high as yours though and mostly covered by tax credits.

MushroomTree · 17/07/2019 07:33

I think I'm going to have to wait until the 30 free hours kick in. I'm gutted because I really want to work and I'm getting interviews for some amazing jobs but they're all part time.

It feels like the system pushes you to get back into work but makes it totally unfeasible at the same time.

OP posts:
Sanch1 · 17/07/2019 09:23

Well I guess it depends on salary! I am a single mum to 2, one in fulltime nursery, one in wrap around care, and with tax credits and maintenance payments from my DD's dad I'm ok, not rolling in it but not having to worry too much.

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