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I can't work our whether to take my son to the doctors! Help?

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MissB83 · 16/07/2019 19:19

So my DS has been under the weather since Thursday but it's a bit unclear what's wrong.

Initially I assumed teething because he's drooling like mad and seemed sore on his mouth. However he has had middling fevers of around 38.5 since last Friday which seems a bit high for teething. He's been sleepy, clingy and miserable through that time, and not eating much at home. I had to put him in nursery today to go to work and they said he ate ok but he fell over twice which is very unlike him, and cut his lip badly. He actually also fell onto a table last Thursday evening and banged his chin/cut his tongue; I got him seen at the urgent care centre as it was a head injury but they said he was ok. It has made me wonder though if his balance is a bit off or he is feeling dizzy as he never usually falls over, he is super fast and coordinated.

So it's a weird collection of things which COULD be teething but no sign of a tooth yet and I'm wondering if a trip to the dr might just be the best idea?? Or am I being too anxious?

He's nearly 17 months.

OP posts:
Instagran · 16/07/2019 19:28

My DC were always off balance when they had ear infections. If he's really miserable I'd try and get an appointment with the practice nurse.

Dontforgetyourbrolly · 16/07/2019 19:31

I would 100 % take him to the gp. They can check for ear infections or tonsilitis and guve anti biotics if necessary . Hope he feels better soon xx

PotteringAlong · 16/07/2019 19:32

I’m saying ear infection too.

MissB83 · 16/07/2019 19:35

It's so hard when they are just a bit too young to tell you where it hurts! Sad

OP posts:
youarenotkiddingme · 16/07/2019 19:38

If you pull down on the ear lobe you'll get a good indication if it's an ear infection. It sounds cruel because it'll hurt but it's a great indicator.

WisestIsShe · 16/07/2019 19:41

If in doubt always take a baby to the doctor, it won't do any harm. Ear infection sounds a possibility.

Rainbowsandrascals · 16/07/2019 19:42

Please do get him checked. A temperature of 38.5 is high and warrants attention, esp in a child of that age.

formerbabe · 16/07/2019 19:43

You posted because you're worried. Take him to the doctors.

bobstersmum · 16/07/2019 19:53

Another vote for ear infection. Dd is prone to them and at a similar age was constantly very poorly with them. Definitely affects balance.

DefinatelyAWeeGobshite · 16/07/2019 20:04

My son had an ear infection about that age and like that he was just off, grumpy, had a fever. I took him to the GP on day two if I remember and he had antibiotics (which taste REPULSIVE!).

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