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Bamboo toothbrushes any good? And which ones?

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unicornsrule · 16/07/2019 17:13

Are they any good?!

Amazon seems to have loads of bamboo
Are they worth it

OP posts:
Julykthat · 16/07/2019 17:15

I got some from Bam and Boo (I do not buy from amazon) and while my conscience feels better my tongue does not! It might just be habit but I hate the feel of the bamboo handle. It's smooth but just very different feeling.

FenellaMaxwell · 16/07/2019 17:16

They feel horrid in the mouth - I had to give up.

TheGirlOnTheLanding · 16/07/2019 20:59

I'm using a Humble bamboo brush from Boots because my electric brush broke - I don't mind the feeling but it isn't as good as an electric one (mind you, neither is a plastic manual brush) so will be buying another rechargeable brush with recycleable replacement heads.

RodGallowglass · 16/07/2019 22:28

The bristles all came out of mine within the week. Gave up on them.

TheFurryMenace · 16/07/2019 22:39

I am not a fan. I've just switched back to electric as they down with DD's teeth. The bristles were not getting them properly clean. The difference was so stark.

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