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Amazon echo?

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ProseccoSupernova · 16/07/2019 08:06

Would you recommend as a basic speaker? Just in small room so not too concerned about having something amazing!

OP posts:
Mummabear12345567889 · 16/07/2019 08:14

Yes! Weve just got the echo dot. I love it x

MissRabbitNeedsAHoliday · 16/07/2019 08:16

Yeah weve got one just in a smallish room and its loud enough Smile
They are on special at the moment so for the price I would say they are defo worth it. Using mines for my shopping list is a game changer 😂

ProseccoSupernova · 16/07/2019 08:18

I’ve heard the dot isn’t a good speaker and you need the actual echo?

OP posts:
implantsandaDyson · 16/07/2019 08:27

We have both- the kids have the dots and they listen to music all the time. They've never complained about the speaker sound and it certainly sounds alright when you can hear it through the door Grin. We have the echo downstairs in a large open plan area and its great for music too but tbh as a basic speaker in a smallish room the dot more than does the job.

Reallybadidea · 16/07/2019 08:31

If you've already got a speaker then you can plug the dot into it and the sound goes through the speaker instead. We had a nice kitchen radio that we didn't want to waste!

BananaBeforeBed · 16/07/2019 08:33

I’ve got echo and dot - echo downstairs, dot in the bedroom and both are very good.

ProseccoSupernova · 16/07/2019 08:36

Excellent thanks! Might just go for the dot as I’m sure it’s better than the cheap tinny speakers we have used til now!

OP posts:
TreacherousPissFlap · 16/07/2019 08:52

We have both too and find them absolutely fine- granted they're not Bose quality or anything like that, but for listening to the radio while I cook or having music on while we mooch around the house they are perfect.

We've just bought a Dot on Prime deals for £22 which I think is an absolute bargain. And they can do so much other stuff than a speaker too.

DH is badly dyslexic and they have also been life changing for him (and us!)

LikeDolphinsCanSwin · 16/07/2019 08:58

Can you stream Apple Music to an echo?

Longdistance · 16/07/2019 09:02

My dd has a dot in her bedroom. It sounds fine especially if she has the volume up Hmm I cancelled my Apple Music as the Amazon music was cheaper to stream and I wasn’t making much use out of the Apple Music.

lololove · 16/07/2019 09:11

This isn't a stealth boast, it's an explanation as we use them as disability aids (to drop into rooms to listen if problems, to send notifications around the house, to turn lights and heating on without my disabled parent having to get up (a d potentially fall) to turn the heating on or turn the light on) if I'm in another room.

We have the original echo dot, loud enough for me without speaker and I keep it on half volume (can be Bluetoothed to a speaker if needed) the fabric looking dot (louder than the original dot still) and an echo that was bought in December (not sure of the editions etc, but it was newly launched that month).

The echo is loud. Sososososoloud. On volume 8 the neighbours can hear it clearly and the music is too boomingly loud.

The dots are too quiet for my mum (deaf and should wear hearing aids) without hers being Bluetoothed to a speaker. For me the dots are fine in normal rooms on vol 7 or so. In a busy loud room they occasionally do need to be Bluetoothed to a seperate speaker (but that's when washer, dishwasher, oven are all on and someone is in the same room chatting away too.

BillGiggeloe · 16/07/2019 09:44

Can you stream Apple Music to an echo?

You can if you have an Apple Music subscription. You can't stream your itunes library separately.

Booboo66 · 16/07/2019 10:32

We have both, the dot is in the kids room and is fine but the sound quality of the echo is significantly better. We tried using the dot with a separate speaker but is seems a bit of a faf

Samcotton85 · 16/07/2019 10:58

Yes they are fab. The Google Home Mini is good as well. Better sound and bass. I think Alexa is a lot friendlier for some reason. Like a mate.

Reallybadidea · 16/07/2019 11:01

How is it a faff to use a separate speaker? It just plugs in and then you just use it as normal Confused

Booboo66 · 16/07/2019 11:20

@Reallybadidea because you need to remember to charge it (with ours) and the Bluetooth regularly needs reconnected. It's also just a lithe thing lying about on a counter to be dusted lol. I prefer the echo to that combo (and have both)

Reallybadidea · 16/07/2019 11:23

You don't need to Bluetooth it, just connect with an aux cable. And we plug it in alongside the speaker. But yes, dusting is a pain (so I've heard Grin)

Mshaz · 16/07/2019 17:13

Yes great little speaker for a small room.

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