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Recommendations for some new luggage please

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FawnDrench · 15/07/2019 23:23

We need some new hard suitcases with those spinny wheels.
Having looked around a bit, I am amazed and befuddled at the choice and price range available.

So what do you recommend please - looking for mid-range in price, durable and sturdy obviously.

Also looking for a cabin bag - not a trolley thing with a handle as I just can't get on with them, so any advice about these would be most welcome.


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StarlightLady · 16/07/2019 04:03

I’m not sure what you mean when you say you can’t get on with cabin bags.

Try looking at Samonite or Trip for larger cases. For a carry on case take a look at American Tourister, they are made by Samsonite but cheaper. For the carry on bag, I suggest only opting for 2 wheels, a “4 wheel drive”(!) :-) takes up too much space for the wheels.

BrokenWing · 16/07/2019 10:30

We recently bought the 64cm Samsonite S'Cure (Cheapest of the Which Best buys). ds(15) just used for a week to France and happy with it so far.

FawnDrench · 16/07/2019 13:14

Thanks to you both.

What I mean is I prefer a bag (not a cabin trolley with wheels and a telescopic handle) as I like to stow it under the seat in front.
I find it easier to access stuff there than from the overhead storage bins.

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