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Empire Cinemas seating arrangements

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Cocobeanstalk · 15/07/2019 21:46

Does anyone know what this empty gap in the top two rows would be ?
Sorry I get very anxious being sat around/close proximity to people, so need to check what this is before I book tickets.

Confused I have googled and found nothing

Empire Cinemas seating arrangements
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TotheletterofthelawTHELETTER · 15/07/2019 21:47

Maybe wheelchair accessible space?

Cocobeanstalk · 15/07/2019 21:51

Yes I thought that but then it shows wheelchair seats at the bottom. Thank you though

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CalmFizz · 15/07/2019 21:56

Looks like another exit way maybe?

chambord · 15/07/2019 21:57

In the Empire near us the gap is a wall between the seats so you can't see the person the other side of the gap. It's where the film playing equipment is. Sorry not sure how to explain better!!

PinkFlowerFairy · 15/07/2019 21:59

The projector

Cocobeanstalk · 15/07/2019 21:59

Chambord that sounds perfect. Can you still see the screen okay

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Littlebelina · 15/07/2019 22:03

I think Chambord might be right. Our local cinema has a gap at the back for that reason

Cocobeanstalk · 15/07/2019 22:10

Ah shall I book two next to it. Or two in the corner Envy

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chambord · 15/07/2019 22:16

Yes can definitely see screen. Good view from the back.

chambord · 15/07/2019 22:18

I would book one of the sofas to the right as I doubt anyone would book the single armchair next to it. Depends who you are going with?

Cocobeanstalk · 18/07/2019 18:45

Thanks everyone I booked 2 seats next to the empty gap and was great !

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