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Any tips help...How do I break this cycle for my kids?

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E123S · 15/07/2019 19:57

I am a 26year old mom of 4kids. 2 of which kids were from my first marriage. I rushed into a relationship with the father of my 2 youngest kids. At first he was a hard worker and a little jealous but always really loving. After our son was born I started my career as a Project Manager for a construction company. I work around and with a lot of men it has become a problem cause I am always accused of cheating when im not. He has got physical and has got lazy to the point where he cant hold a job down. He is great father and comes from a great family... I find my self leaving him and getting back with him. It has become a disgusting pattern but for some reason I always come back! HELP! what do i do??? He always convinces me im in the wrong and everything is my fault. In my gut I know this will never get anywhere and I know I should leave but I find my self here scared of the pain of being alone and not offering my kids a "family" again.I grew up around domestic violence and always thought "I will never be like my mom" only difference is I hide it better... I used to judge people in my situation and I have no idea how I got here...

OP posts:
Digestive28 · 15/07/2019 19:59

Recommend the freedom project

Atalune · 15/07/2019 20:02

You need to call women’s aid and get some solid advice and support.

A good parent doesn’t hurt the mother of his children. A good dad provides for his family the best he can and doesn’t let his pride get in the way of doing that.

Please make the call.

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