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Growth scan at 38 weeks.

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mumof23188 · 15/07/2019 14:59

Just had a growth scan at 38+5 and I’m so worried now. Baby is measuring huge at 3686g. Babies stomach is measuring at 43 weeks. I have now gone into panic mode and I’m imagining the worst when it comes to the birth. My first DC was a tiny 6lb! Anyone have any advice?

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Minai · 15/07/2019 15:39

You’ll be ok! Growth scans aren’t always accurate so he might not be as big as predicted. My second baby was 9lb when he was born and the birth was a million times easier and less painful than my 7lb baby.

AnguaUberwaldIronfoundersson · 15/07/2019 15:44

I had multiple growth scans from 36 weeks. At one point I was in twice a week as different measurements were being looked at by different people. My baby was apparently ginormous and growing ridiculously fast and heading for over 10lbs at 38 weeks. I had too much amniotic fluid. Baby's stomach was off the charts compared to head and femur.

Baby is perfect. Sometimes they're just big and sometimes they're different shapes and sizes like we, as adults are! If there is anything wrong they'll push for induction, which can still take days so they can't be THAT worried, or plan a c-section if needed. I had an early induction ending in unplanned C-Section due to epidural failure and failure to progress. I think if they'd have let me go over with her, she would have been fine and I'd have happily delivered naturally, she just wasn't ready to come out at 39 weeks. They made me feel a bit like I was making the wrong choice if I didn't take the induction because they got me so worked up about her size, growth, etc.

My baby was 8lbs 10oz and is totally fine.

Mintypea5 · 15/07/2019 15:45

My growth scans all put DS2 head by 3 weeks. I was induced at 38 weeks for other reasons fully expecting. Very large baby and he was 7lb 14oz ... seemed very small really didn't even fit 0-3 months clothing

mumof23188 · 15/07/2019 16:12

Thanks all for your replies. It’s just such a worry with all the unknown. I just feel like everything is going wrong now we’re coming to the end. I have Strep B too so will need the antibiotics during labour. Midwife said baby was 2/5th engaged so still a while to go yet and with them saying babies put on 1/2 a pound to 1 pound a week I’m expecting a humongous baby!

OP posts:
Mintypea5 · 15/07/2019 16:16

@mumof23188 I had strepB too last pregnancy. Don't worry it's not nearly as scary once you're in labour with the antibiotics they take very good care of you! I'm StepB again this time
So expecting the same.

The growth scans can be very inaccurate with weight etc so don't let it worry you too much. Baby will be perfect when they arrive

mumof23188 · 15/07/2019 16:48

@Mintypea5 thank you for the reassurance. How long did you have to have the antibiotics for and how long did you have to stay in once baby was born? If you don’t mind me asking?

Thank you again, I’m just so worried baby will be huge and cause lots of damage/get stuck. I’m only 5ft3!

OP posts:
Mintypea5 · 15/07/2019 17:02

They started the antibiotics almost straight away when I was induced. As long as you've had them in your system for at least 4 hours before baby is born there is minimal risk. I was induced so put on them straight away but if you go into labour spontaneously contact your labour ward immediately they may want you in earlier to make sure you have them in time.

If you don't get the full four hours they may give baby some after birth

I had to stay in for 24 hrs for baby to be observed to make sure they weren't showing signs of infection.

mumof23188 · 15/07/2019 18:16

@Mintypea5 thanks for your help! Nice to chat to somebody who has been through it before. I was negative with my first DC

OP posts:
JoJoSM2 · 15/07/2019 18:37

Measurements can be inaccurate especially if it’s the tummy that comes up big. Tummies are soft, they can be bigger or smaller but 1cm difference in circumference will make the weight estimates much greater.

If the baby is indeed very big for your frame, the worst that can happen is an instrumental delivery or an emergency C-section.

I had a massive baby (4.83kg at 39 weeks) and ended up with an emergency C-section. It was absolutely fine overall although I do admit that looking after a newborn having such had a major surgery is pretty awful for a while.

mumof23188 · 15/07/2019 21:06

@JoJoSM2 yes belly is measuring 43 weeks! They could only measure the femur and belly because the head was to far down. I can only imagine how difficult that would of been. I had an awful birth with my first DC and just wanted everything To go well this time but I’m just feeling so anxious and feel like the worst is going to happen!

OP posts:
BlueCookieMonster · 15/07/2019 21:09

All I can say is take it as it comes and take your time with any decisions, and make a choice that’s right for you.

mumof23188 · 15/07/2019 21:10

@BlueCookieMonster thank you. I will take that advice with me and hope for the best!

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